EOL products


As we strive to provide best-in-class products and services to our customers throughout all stages of our products life cycle, there comes a time when technology and business needs evolve to a point where older products and technologies no longer meet market requirements. Therefore, it becomes necessary to end the production and distribution of said products periodically. This decision can be based on a number of factors which include but are not limited to the availability of certain manufacturing components needed to continue production, a third-party manufacturer’s product discontinuation or the introduction of a newer product with more advanced features and functionality.


We have prepared the following Teltonika Networks END OF LIFE product list to help our customers manage END OF LIFE transitions, including any implications for support, and to ease the migration to alternative Teltonika Networks products and solutions. Please note that Teltonika Networks may revise these guidelines at it’s own sole discretion.

With the new END OF LIFE structure introduced in 2023, our products go through the following END OF LIFE cycle: 

  • END OF LIFE ANNOUNCEMENT – The date in which the information about the product's END OF LIFE is released. 
  • END OF ORDERING – The last date in which the product can be ordered, six months after the END OF LIFE ANNOUNCEMENT. 
  • END OF PRODUCTION – The last date of production of ordered products. 
  • END OF NEW SOFTWARE RELEASES – The last date in which the product will receive RutOS firmware updates. Note that these products will be receiving at least one major update over the six months after their END OF LIFE ANNOUNCEMENT, even if it occurs later than the END OF NEW SOFTWARE RELEASES date. 
  • END OF SOFTWARE SUPPORT – Software updates will only be made for critical security patches for 24 months after the END OF PRODUCTION. After this period, software updates will be suspended. 

Our technical support team always attempts to provide essential support whenever possible – even for the products in the END OF SOFTWARE SUPPORT stage of the cycle.