Ihr neues Wireless-Multitool: Entdecken Sie den RUTC50 5G-Router



Marius Navickas
Marius Navickas

Fragen und Antworten

How different is the RUTC50 from the RUTX50?
How does the RUTC50 compare to the RUTX50 in terms of performance?
Does the RUTC50 support WireGuard VPN?
Can I use a VPN server hosted on the RUTC50 for LAN device communication? Can I set custom domain and IP-based redirect rules?
The RUTC50 has two SIM card slots and auto-failover, but does it support load balancing?
Is the RUTC50 the same size as the RUTCX50?
Can I install Node-RED on the RUTC50 via the package manager?
What certifications does the RUTC50 has?
Which mobile antenna do you recommend for using the RUTC50 in construction sites?
Can the RUTC50 be modified to support Dual-SIM Dual Active (DSDA)?
Is Wi-Fi 6 the only major upgrade offered by the RUTC50?
Does the RUTC50’s USB port support only mass-storage USB devices? 
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