Internet Connectivity for Emergency Solutions During COVID-19


Fragen und Antworten

Does any Teltonika device support VPN protocol, which would work without public IP address?
Can you use Wireless and LTE at the same time?
Does RUTX10 support dual band WiFi?
How can we create GRE tunnel by using Dynamic IP? What kind of IP SIM cards usually have?
What is the WiFi range of Teltonika’s devices?
Is RMS secure? How data is transferred from a device to RMS server? Does it support authentication methods?
Does Teltonika’s devices support Stateful and NGF firewall features?
Can Mobile data limit be configured over the air via RMS?
Is it possible to pre-configure the router via RMS, while the device itself is being shipped to the remote worker?
RUT955 supports two SIM cards. Can it run both of those at the same time?
Can you use a printer over VPN?
Does RUT device series support PPTP/L2TP VPN with Windows PC
What is the internet speed difference between CAT4 and CAT 6?
What is OpenVPN and how to configure it on Teltonika device?
Which Teltonika devices can manage bandwidth?
Do you provide fail-safe-relay between WAN and LAN just in case RUTX is powered down so that you would not lose all connectivity?
Any plans to add PoE output on router?
Can I use RUTX10 as industrial WiFi client?
Please share a solution for solar panel monitoring.
Where can we find a recording of the previous webinar on RMS?
Do you sell products which would support 5G?
When do you expect the 5G model to be available?
Will your upcoming 5G devices support CBRS?
Can you use RMS for free?
Do you sell industrial or outdoor devices?
How many devices we can connect to a router? Can it deliver the same speed to all clients?
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