Internet Connectivity for Emergency Solutions During COVID-19

Global markets, companies, and people around the world are facing an unprecedented reality regarding the spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and all the safety measures that are being taken to control the situation. Everybody is coming together to find new solutions for the problems they face. Some call this the biggest \"Work from home experiment\". But all businesses are looking for new possibilities for new solutions. In this article we would like to help you understand how wireless connectivity technologies can help.

On this Webinar we will dive deeper in a emerging use cases for professional networking devices with cellular connectivity:
• Work From Home Connectivity
• Reintroduced Border Control in Europe & Drive-Through testing sites
• Public Information, Surveillance & Enforcement Solutions
• Remote Telemetry, Equipment Monitoring & Infrastructure Control
• Vending & Self-Service solutions

Fragen und Antworten

What is the primary purpose of RUT955, is it permissible to use only for internet connectivity like normal routers?
Also now, is Verizon compatible with your LTE device/GPS etc?
Hi! Are there any specific features that differentiate Teltonika's equipment with other comparable products in the market? Knowing what makes Teltonika different would help me make better recommendations to my clients when they need to procure hardware from me.
Please show grid of US certification products/cat carriers
Can I get contacts info of your sales team?
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