Introducing Remote Management System - VPN


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On the VPN: If we have RUT1 with LAN1 and RUT2 with LAN2, can we route LAN1 and LAN2 together? So a ressource on LAN1 can communicate with a ressource on LAN2
Will RMS Connect and RMS VPN have different pricing?
When it will be posible to force the use of two factor autentication?
Is 1 credit about 5GB?
Will unused data expire after 30 days?
Validity of each one credit is 1 month?
Is it possible to simultanously open several VPN Tunnels ?
How to add routes to all devices in subnet?
Can we track how much data each VPN connection consumes?
Is there a possibility to connect PLC With RMS for control and monitoring?
Is the manual adding of routes only necessary for IP-ranges/addresses outside the local networks outside the LAN defined on the RUTs - right?
Can we manage users and access using the API?
Can you assign to SSID? So users on different wireless networks are routed through different VPNs?
Can we activate and deactivate the VPN at the remote unit itself using our own program running on the TRB245/255?
Will I pay you a usage fee after purchasing a VPN gateway device?
My customer wants to create a point-to-point connection between 2 Teltonika routers. Would VPN be the better solution?
VPN Hub hosted by Teltonika Network. Can the customer host a VPN hub at their site? Such as VM Hub?
If mobile failover is used, does the SIM card need to have a fixed IP address for the VPN service to work.
Is it possible to configure VPN remotely via LTE network without RMS device?
I have not seen an extra fee for VPN Gateway alternative products. It costs 1 credit per 2GB, is it true?
Does both RUT (using SIM card without public IP address) can connect together by VPN hub?
Does RMS VPN hub keeps historic usage logs? Is it possible to set data usage limits?
Is it possible to use the routers RMS functionality with a custom backend, not using the Teltonika RMS/backend?
How can I reach a device with static IP Adress that is out of range of my teltonika dhcp server with vpn
Is it possible to connect between two or more Teltonika devices using RMS VPN?
What's the price for 1 credit ?
Can you verify that using RMS there is no need for static IP addressed SIMS that are getting harder to get hold of.
Is it possible with RMS VPN to connect two Networks (Factories) that use the same IP address area (i.e. How does RMS make the separation of those „identical“ remote Networks?
Can I use the same local IP range on different routers and use RMS VPN?
We would like to host the whole RMS + RMS VPN in our Data Center and possibly pay a subscription fee for the software.
Is the secure tunnelling achieved via AWS?
Can I connect devices with TCP IP and Modbus protocols by using RMS VPN?
I have several PLCs from different brands, which support different protocols and are all connected to the same TRB245/255 unit. Will I be able to access all of them remotely?


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