Introducing The New TSW100 Switch


Fragen und Antworten

Can you plug into din rail with the RJ45 connectors on the front panel occupying min space on the rail?
What type of accessories will you offer to support the new switch device? Like POE adaptor?
Can be used 5 Port as POE?
Are there any PoE routers in the roadmap?
How you configure the switch? Can you limit the bandwidth on each port?
Does it support switching of VLAN tagged packets?
Will you have a 4 port managed equipment? Managed in RMS?
Does your router seupport Cisco's EIGRP or other proprietary protocols?
Can we connect any other sensor with this switch beside the security products?
Is it possible to power the device with another via PoE?
Is there a way we can monitor switch performance?
In the standard package, if the total power budgert is 60W, does this mean we get 2 PoE ports?
Is there bluetooth and can I use external sensors as a temperature sensor?
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