Introducing the RUTX14!


Fragen und Antworten

No POE on ethernet ports?
Can we recommend RUTX14 for 4k live streaming for backup connectivity?
Is 3 x CA supported from every provider/LTE network like 2x CA ?
Can LTE1 and LTE2 be live at the same time? Like RUTx12
Does the RUTX14 feature one or two GSM modems?
Is this failover between SIMs or provides speed aggregation via LTE?
Could you tell more about how dual modem works ? Are they connected both at the same time ?
Can Wan+ LTE12 SIM1 + LTE12 SIM2 be aggregated to expand bandwith?
What’s the cellular module you use with this particular product?
What's the MRSP on this product please?
Will there be a version with 2 modems like the rutx12?
Does RUTX14 have internet bonding of the two network into one?
Which Soc will this device use ? Will it perform hardware crypto offloading (for IPSEC ...) ? Hardware NAT offloading ?
Can the unit try both SIMs to use the network that has the best performance, or does it just switch to sim2 if sim1 link fails?
When does Teltonika 5G?
Can the RUTx14 support multiple WAN besides LTE.
what will be the price level for the RUTX14?
Does RUTX14 support 256 QAM?
Is the RUTX14 certified Emark ?
Does RUTX14 have internet bonding of the two network into one?


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