Introducing the TSW304!


Fragen und Antworten

My current switch is the Moxa EDS-2005. Could I use the TSW304 switch to replace it?  
Is the TSW304 a managed or unmanaged switch?
How can the TSW304 be powered?
Will the TSW304 switch support only 1Gbps transmission or can it be backward compatible with 10/100Mbps also?
Are there any plans for the TSW304 to have PoE support?
What about fiber connectivity? Does the TSW304 have SFP?
Are TSW2** series switches managed or unmanaged?
What would be the standard product warranty of the TSW304? 
Will Teltonika Networks release 10 and 16-port switches (without PoE function)?
Does the VAC installation require an electrician to install this switch?
Are you planning to have built-in Din rail switches with more than four ports?
Can we expect 24-port SFP switches in the future?


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