IoT Connectivity Market Trends


Fragen und Antworten

For the IOT, can teltonika support RFID instead of bluetooth sensor?
Are there any plans for eSim (for easy mobile network provider switching)?
Do Teltonika have product comparison lis from other products?
Speaking about outdoor devices, any plans on increasing IP ratings for existing devices?
What about gateways like Lora and NB-IoT?
Does Teltonika product portfolio desires to be increased with switches that can host more than 8-10 ports. Other than the recent T models
And what about BLE ideas?
You showed a lot of market drivers and trends but I am wondering what focus Marketing from Teltonika will have for next year?
What about the 5G router?
Is it possible to have this presentation in pdf?
Can any of the products you produce be used for a IT support company? Im working with a IT support company who provide IT support to customers who dont know about IT. So my qestion is which of your products would suit this application?
Do you have any plan for manageable switch with more port like cisco?!
Dose any gateway device has edge analytics ability?
Regarding RUT 240 Device. Can I use in RUT 240 Device SIM is separate network and Wi-Fi is separate network? Both SIM & Wi-Fi separate network?
Is there any chance that you can release an outdoor 4g lte router with high antenna gain (dbi)?
Do you plan to support new frequency bands for 4G, like 700 MHz and 450 MHz?
Do Teltonika support CAT-12 and CAT-18 in future?


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