Meet Two New Devices - RUT360 & TSW110


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This switch is having 4+1 ports, are all LAN ports or is there also an WAN port with additional features?
So the main features are temperature range and branding? :D
this switch was managed/unmanaged
is it 48V poe ?
any SNMP or similar remote status monitor
why is that 1 port is separated by design? is there anything special on that port?
We require 500 Nos. 2 FO+2 CU port switch did you have all are manage giga port
We are looking for a switch to use on a 12V supply to power cctv camera which needs 48V poe
Would you like to share the main differences between TSW100 and TSW110?
is this switch managed by RMS
Why don't you use a Molex Power connector instead of the standard connectro you use also for routers? In Industrial switches word molex is the most used..
Is there any reason why the RUT 360 isn't 5G ready?
When we can expect for the same device as RUT360, but with Gb ports?
Does RUT360 replace RUT240?
according to my information, there is currently no 5g router from teltonika. are you planning such a device in the foreseeable future?
Is there a power connector adaptor to wire directly to a wiring loom in a product, i.e. 2x single core wires for + and -.
I represent a company and we have already bought more than 200 RUT240 routers. RUT240 has input/output functionality but the router package have a power cable with 2 cables and so the I/O pins cannot be used. Also the power adaptor is useless to an industrial machine, as we get power directly from our own DC power supply. We are forced to buy a separate 4 cables power cable inorder to use the I/O pins and throw away the standard power cable. Is there an option to get the router with the 4 cables power built-in?
Can the LAN port be changed to WAN port as in the rutx11?
Can we intstal the dinrail mondting plate into the side of the device?
What is the power consumption of this RUT360?
does it have two sim slots
is CAT6 the only difference between the RUT240?
Can we expect a 5Ghz (dual band) Wifi in the near future on this device ?
Will there be outdoor cases and PoE funcionality?
Does the RUT360 support Volte, you mentioned it can be used in elevators.
I need the server connected in the lan port to communicate at the same time on both wan (where there is internet) and 4G where there is an M2M card (intenal ip which communicates with field equipment)
Does RUT360 have sleep mode or standby? In case of using not fluent dataflow and have only battery supply
can I then aggregate 2 wan links and the cellular?
Is supported SNMPv3?
it can be that the 2 ports wan and mobile to work at the same time not in balanced mode
Does the RUT360 support 450 MHz?
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