RutOS - an extensive introduction


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What is the difference between RTOS and openWRT?
Can we have separate firewall rules for separate WAN interface like Wired WAN and SIM (Mobile WAN)
Is RutOS built around OpenWrt?
Why don't the default settings is to protect from all malicious attack. users should be able to enable for some specific address/APIs. Every process uses resources of device hardware. What if user even do not use public IP.
What is the protection against DDOS attack on a closed port?
Can we block URLs like for example Youtube can we block it, as it has different domains ?
If I want to access the router from remote, I should activate access by HTTP, right? What security settings should I then activate?
Do any of your devices support Band 43 (3,7-3,8 GHz) to be used for private networks in Germany?
Can you use different NAT settings for two WANs? For instance, for wired WAN I would like NAT to be disabled and for MOBILE wan I would like NAT to be enable. I did not manage to do so on a RUT 955, the NAT settings were tied toghether, either NAT was enabled for both WANs or disables for both WANs
I think you should enable ping reboot by default. I would say that it's mandatory if you want to prevent the router to be blocked at some time in the future
Can we get a static ip with help of router?
Is it possible to host my own web page which have my own graphics, to be able to access remotely?
Are you doing Deep packet inspection for industrial protocols like Modbus TCPIP, CIP, Profinet?
Does these devices support Radius server for monitoring these products from external radius server?
Do You maintain MTBF of products?
Can I use RMS as IoT platform for sensor's data (inputs)? Making reports, alerts, etc?
Do your products works on the Narrow Band frequency (NB-IoT)?
Is there any IDS/IPS?
what is the standard value for signal strength on teltonika device?
Is it possible to change administrative distances of static routes in rutx11?
How carrier Aggregation functionality works?
How about technical support, if your customers need help with some non standard configuration, how they can get help / support?
can we block by ip address ? like a whitelist or black list IP Address, if can, how to config it
If traffic is switched to the failover link, is it possible to go back to the original link once it recovers?
Is it possible to automatically recover a backup to a rut device by only connecting it to network? Through scripting or something? The idea is if a device needs to be replaced it takes the less effort possible and give autonomy to the technician who replaces it
is it possible to install an mqtt client?
I want to know about the Modbus tCP Configuration in Teltonika with Azure Cloud Connection
Trb141 don't have package manager, has it?
When routers will start supporting With Indian Navic Satellite just like GNSS,GPS etc Navic is indian navigation system
Can we use these devices for Remotely Accessing Any devices with transparent connectivity?
Are you offering any VPN cloud servers as well as routers with VPN Server functionality with remote gateway?
Are your O.S using OpenWRT pre build packages ?
Is RMS free to use?
Do you have any routers coming out later this year or next that supports higher CAT specifications than RUTX09/11?
Can we make vpn over dynamic IP on SIM just linke easy vpn in cisco ?
Can we create 2 groups in web filer ? 1st group for blocking some sites and 2nd group allows all or specific sites ?
How many slave devices we can able conncet on modbus master and how many segments ( requests ) can connect on one slave device?
Do you support client isolation on WIFI? I mean clients cannot see or communicate to each other on the same SSID network
How many number of modbus request we can configure on rs485 and how many devices we can connect on rs485 ?
Alarm function is working with BT sensors already?
Can we do load-balancing on WANs ?
Will it work with aws mqtt to send data of modbus 20 slaves connectd on modbus 485 interface?
Do we have plans to bring MQTT sparkplug ?
Can we install additional services, such as Node-Red?
In modbus alaram configuration if I select condition 'more than' how many times the device will send a SMS. Is this keep on sending sms or not.
Can you tell the VPN functionality in RUTX11?
Is it correct that RUTOS is not available on Teltonika Modems like TRM 240/250?
That is great, we're really excited about RUTX12 with the dual CAT 6 modems, for reaching higher speeds. Is there any plans to integrate Wireguard VPN into RutOS?
Are you aware of unlicensed frequencies or something similar being available in Russia? (like CBRS in the US)
Can we adapt our own landing page when configuring Hotspot?
Which Industrial protocols Teltonika product support? Does it support DNP3 protocol?
Hi, is it possible to have Modbus RTU device connected to a TRB 245 gateway, and be monitored over MQTT. So TRB converts Modbus RTU into MQTT?
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