RUTXR1 Introduction


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Can the individual network ports be configured onto different networks and route between them?
Wifi module - will it support 802.11ac?
Regarding 2 Sim Cards, are there 2 GSM module? Also for a scenario that we have 2 different providers on each slot. Can we specify for example if you can connect to specific Provider ID then use sim 1 otherwise use sim 2.
The ports are PoE?
Do you have specialized console cable or a cisco console cable will do?
Do you have plans for 5G?
Is it possible to use GPON SFP on the Router SFP port?
Will the USB-to-serial functionality in the future be expanded to support multi-port adapters?
Is there the possibility to create user and customize 'configuration change' permissions?
Can you team / load balance the Sims or only failover?
Can both mobile connections be active at the same time, or are those 2 SIM cards just in active/standby mode?
Whats the Spatial Streams of 2.4 and 5 GHz?
Have you a devices that support PoE?
Hi, can it work as a cluster (VRRP network redundancy protocol for example).
Support band bonding?
The 3G/4G modem can be connected to both celular networks (sim cards) at once, or does it use only one at a time?
Do you provide RMS on-premise (still with licenses of course)?
In the topology of RMS, I see RUTX12. Does it the same with RUTXR1?
Can you team / load balance the Sims or only failover?
Is the operating system still based on OpenWRT and which version of the OpenWRT?
Why would you use the RUTXR1 instead of for example a RUTX12?
Can you share this presentation after the meeting?
Could u please mention the exact througput of the router?
Regarding the mobile network connectivity- is it the same module/firmware as the RUTX11 ?- reason I ask is that our experience is that the X11 tends to not leave LTE - even if the throughput is really poor- and there is a better 3G site nearby.
The RUTXR1 will be delivered with Power Supply, Rack Mounting plates and all antennas in the box right?
There is no optional PoE on the switchports?
Does the sfp support dsl sfps?
Do the 2 sims also support loadbalancing?
What kind of SFP are precisely supported? Are there any special requirments for SFP(OEM) coding?
Does support MPLS?
Can we use the it as a cell signal booster?
What is a reasonable distance for the 4G antenna to be from the racked XR1? Many comms rooms are not ideally placed for a good 4G signal.
Any chance of eSim?
It support VRRP?
Does the router support OVPN?
Regarding the console, by this new feature we can do/control/maintain exactly the same things as by RMS ? Is might be the solution if the router is down to check what's gonna, is it for that case ?
Can to isp connection can be provided at a time one to WAN and another direct fiber?
It also supports sfp vdsl modules?
Is RMS free to use over the router service period?
Does the WAN port support PPPoE connections?
What is range for 2.4 gh WiFi?
Does the LTE module works active-active or active-backup?
What happened if the isp connection went down? LTE is becoming active automoticaly.
How many ipsec vpn supports.
If i need to install package over webui after 30 days can i do it?
Is there any redundancy in case of Sim card fail or low network connectivity?
Do you have centralize management console which can manage router from central location or from any where over Cloud?
You mentioned the Console cable as optional.
Does this support NTP stability as we are facing issues while syncing clock with NTP?
Whether Software Defined -WAN (SD-WAN) support?
Could you please give exact trougput of IPSec VPN, wired WAN?
Possible Din Rail mounting?
Can it support multiple VPN/IPses/GRE sessions, like an aggregation router?
Does it support MPLS?
Is RUTXR1 support VDSL SFP module?
NTP solution is not provided, please respond.
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