Teltonika Remote Management System - an extensive introduction


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How much data/megabytes logs generate per day? Also, can offline-logs be uploaded after an outage?
Even though RMS doesn't need public IP of Teltonika for registration, but I think if we need port forward for a Teltonika device, internet provider will need to provide sim card's public IP address, right?
Is there an API to interface RMS with other solutions?
How much data does one router take (per month), when it communicates with RMS servers - roughly?
There is the device map. Why don't I see all devices (in my case all of them RUT950), which are online in the device map. I can only see a subset of them - 11 of 14 online.
Will there be a Teltonika MQTT protocol description available anytime soon?
If a PLC it is connected to a Teltonika router, it is possible to access it? Or it can access only other routers?
You mentioned that there is no need for public IP address. How?
Any devices will work with RMS?
How do we configure non-Teltonika devices to appear in RMS web interface?
Is it possible to run the RMS on a separate server? We plan to operate many Teltonika devices with our own APN without access to the Internet.
How is the WebUI redirect configured? Is there an automatic detection of the local WebUI?
Can we set RMS access link time limit to 'unlimited'?
When using multi-config, and devices are offline, will the selected actions be performed, when devices come back online? If yes, what is the timeout period?
Can you set a hard data cap (Eg. 200MB download per day)?
Is there any kind of automatic rollback in case you make a configuration mistake? Example - if you make a change that results in losing a connection between RMS and the device, will the device recognize that and load previous settings after some time?
Is it possible to set a permanent link in RMS to a non-Teltonika device?
For the devices Map, if the RUT does not have GPS or cannot get a location, does the Map locate using Cellular Location Technologies, CELLID, RSSI, Timings etc.?
What will happen if I am updating firmware of 100 devices and suddenly there is no power or no internet for 2-5 units?
Firmware update means to configure all devices from the beginning? So, if FW update will reset the devices to default?
Is there an API for RMS, to be able to configure/monitor the devices from external systems?
The password manager, is it like password access management?
Will the routers be able to get the unique/true MAC address of the device even if MAC address randomization is enabled?
How do I buy a license for RMS?
Alert on e-mail?
SMS/Email alert will come from SIM card of the router or from RMS web?
Device configuration: can we configure the SSID / Hotspot / LAN / or only 'MOBILE, SIM Management, SMS Limit'?
For how many days license will be valid?
Is it possible to get remote access to the shell of the non Teltonika unit?
Can reports be automated and sent to a specific e-mail?
Can we download system logs out of Teltonika devices (which work with RMS) by using RMS?
Let’s say I have PLC connected to one of the routers. And PLC is receiving some data from sensors. Can I see that data on RMS?
RMS requires credits for managing devices. Can I move credits applied on a device to another?
Can RMS check reports/logs for a specified time/day range e.g Monday thru Friday?
Any plan to support Teltonika's modems with RMS?
Can we collect some user data on RMS?
Can you forward any other protocols such as SSH or VNC viewer to access other devices behind the router?
Any plan to offer CoAP based protocol as alternative to MQTT?
Is the out of band management only available on Cisco ISR?
Do you have plans for VPN in RMS?
Will you have an option to see GPIO data from RUT955 or TRB141 in the future?
Can login screen be also “white labeled”?
So we can request RMS to use our company name as well as our client name, yes?
Can I write for example python script and use RS485 to work with my program, for example query for our device status and send server?
Is the data accessible for different Business Intelligence systems, like Microsoft PowerBI?
Are the safety certificates available on your website?
Is the RMS local hardware also running on Azure?
How many devices can we connect to RMS?
Can we also set some max communication MB per device that we receive an alert when the limit is reached?
Can RMS be used for TRM devices?
Does RMS support another devices apart from Teltonika to manage? Which ports we will have to open on the firewall so that RMS would able to reach the device?
What others brand can connect to RMS?
What happens when internet connection interrupts when firmware update is in progress?
When will approximately the RMS connect be available?
How can you connect your own device to the RMS?
Configuration, rules about using the backup SIM. Report about the consumption, let say SIM1 has a credit limit for 10GB and SIM2 has a limit or 5 GB.
It is possible have multiple RMS Accounts managing the same Routers?
Do you plan to release a virtual VPN service on top of RMS to access all devices connected to router LAN not only for HTTP/HTTPS traffic? If so, when is it scheduled?
How can I access a non Teltonika device via the RMS like showed in the demo?
What kind of features will the RMS API contain after the first release?
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