Expert network segmentation with the RUT140 and RUT142



Rasa Bajorūnaitė

preguntas y Respuestas

Are the RUT140 and RUT142 available for ordering in Europe?
Why was Wi-Fi 4 chosen for the RUT140 and RUT142 over of Wi-Fi 5 or Wi-Fi 6?
When can we expect routers in the same size as the RUT140 and RUT142, but with an LTE module?
Do these devices have SIM slots? Are they just meant for creating segmented networks via Wi-Fi?
Can I use the RUT142 to remotely access a RS232 serial interface with transparent forwarding?
Can the RUT142 monitor current network activity and notify me if any deviations from the baseline activity occur?
Is a power adapter included when ordering RUT140 and RUT142 devices?
Can we expect similar products but with RS485 support? Preferably with screw connections instead of a DB9 connector.
Do the RUT140 and RUT142 have an I/O output?
What is the fundamental difference between the RUT140 and the RUT200?
Are the RUT140 and RUT142 RMS-compatible?
Are you planning to release Wi-Fi 6 or Wi-Fi 7 products anytime soon?