Internet Connectivity for Emergency Solutions During COVID-19

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/Internet Connectivity for Emergency Solutions During COVID-19

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Internetinio seminaro metu uždavėte daug klausimų, į kai kuriuos iš jų atsakėte tiesioginės transliacijos pabaigoje. Ir čia norėtume pasidalinti su jumis visais jūsų klausimais ir atsakymais:

Q: What is the primary purpose of RUT955, is it permissible to use only for internet connectivity like normal routers?

A: Hi! You can use RUT955 as an industrial router or just as home router. It is universal because this router his multiple physical interfaces and can be connected to various devices. Please visit our product page for more information

Q: Also now, is Verizon compatible with your LTE device/GPS etc?

A: Hi! RUT240, RUT950, RUT955 are certified for Verizon network.

Q: Hi! Are there any specific features that differentiate Teltonika's equipment with other comparable products in the market? Knowing what makes Teltonika different would help me make better recommendations to my clients when they need to procure hardware from me.

A: Hi! All of our devices are different and special in its own way. But what makes us different is our products logic – Reliable, Ease of use and Security. Reliability - Our products are engineered and manufactured with goal to achieve the best reliability possible. Security risk tests are performed constantly on all Teltonika devices and all products are being periodically updated to eliminate any breaches in order to assure highest level of security. Teltonika Networks devices are highly professional however they are very easy to use. Ability to offer products which do not require any special training is one of our strengths.

Q: Please show grid of US certification products/cat carriers

A: Hello, you can find all the certificates at our wiki page

Q: Can I get contacts info of your sales team?

A: Hi! You can contact us at our contacts page.