Pristatome TAP100: pirmąjį Teltonika Networks belaidės prieigos tašką


Kartu su marketingo projektų vadove, Evelina Sinkevičiūte, dalyvaukite šioje išskirtinėje tinklalaidėje ir susipažinkite su pirmuoju „Teltonika Networks“ prieigos tašku - TAP100! Šioje tinklalaidėje sužinosite, kaip šis produktas gali padėti praplečiant jūsų tinklo „Wi-Fi“ galimybes. Mes taip pat nagrinėsime panaudojimo atvejus bei naujus rinkos segmentus, kuriuos atvers TAP100. Atraskite naujų galimybių kelią perkeliant savo verslo potencialą į kitą lygį!


When are you planning to launch APs that support Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) / Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)?
Where can I find PoE injectors on the Teltonika Networks website?
Mounting kit is in the package?
Is the mesh network supported on TAP100? Is it possible to set up a management system where Wi-Fi devices (like smartphones) automatically connect to the AP with the best coverage when moving between APs?
Is the enrolment process to RMS the same for TAP as for RUT devices? 
Does this AP support railway vehicle standard such as EN50155?
So far, does it only support 10/100 Mbps? Is Gigabit not available yet?
Is the POE input standard or passive?
Will you come out with an LTE router with a built-in PoE?
How is it possible to achieve "data transmission rates up to 300 Mbps" with only a 10/100 Ethernet interface?
Is it possible to control office laptops connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot network via RMS? For example, can laptops be configured remotely without physical presence and without using a public IP?
Is there another way to obtain monitoring and management information besides RMS?
Is there a physical controller to manage all APs in the same system, or is RMS the only option at the moment?