Closing Loopholes in Automated Car Wash Systems


Getting your car washed these days is a display of human innovation. Automated machine systems know just the right amount of chemicals, water jet pressure, and scrubber rotation speed needed, as well as when and for how long each of those should be used. However, despite the wonder of automation, certain facets of this process are prone to good old human error. The catch here is that these cleaning chemicals, known officially as car shampoo, are stored in tanks and naturally deplete over time with use. With so many different tanks located in many different car wash spots, someone needs to make sure car shampoo doesn’t run out!


To understand the complexity and greater implications of this problem, let’s say you have one hundred car wash service spots located in different locations, some more remote than others. Each of those has ten different tanks containing different types of car shampoo. This means you need to make sure that none of your thousand tanks ever run out of liquid, as your automated car wash process cannot work properly if they do. Your brand’s image and financial loss are therefore at stake. In practice, this means someone needs to manually check the tanks every so often, and refill them in case they’re running low. Since these car wash spots are often fully-automated, there isn’t always an employee around to pop in and check the tanks.

But because there are so many tanks in so many different locations, a significant amount of cumulative employee time is spent, not to mention the costs associated with moving from one location to another. Compared to the seamless orchestra that is the automated car wash itself, this use of human resources is cumbersome and inefficient.


Mobifox is a developer of level monitoring telemetry solutions that enhance the efficiency and safety of businesses while reducing costs. Using its cloud-based dashboard and API integration, its clients can keep track of stock with their own ERP.


The answer lies in embracing what makes the orchestra tick in the first place: automation. By attaching sensors to each of the tanks, you can continuously monitor and track their liquid level. Then, by placing a single cellular industrial router in each of the car wash spots, the tanks there can wirelessly send data to your cloud server over a 4G network via a Wi-Fi interface.

Essentially, it will become possible for you to keep an eagle’s eye on all of your car shampoo tanks at once, 24/7, and from a single location. You’ll always know which ones are running low and which ones are doing just fine. Problem solved!

The only question is: which router is the right one for the job? All things considered, it’s difficult to go wrong with our legendary bestseller, the RUT241. Hitting the sweet spot between functionality and price, the RUT241 is compact, easy to install and integrate, and comes with a WAN failover feature that ensures uninterrupted connectivity.




  • RUT241 is popular, affordable, and effective, delivering a stable internet connection at a competitive price.
  • RUT241 allows you to easily manage a large number of different devices as a single network that scales whenever you need to expand it.
  • Being compact and uniquely small, RUT241 doesn’t require a messy bundle of cables to function. Its inclusion in any working environment is elegant and flexible.
  • Its WAN failover feature provides a reliable, uninterrupted internet connection that ensures you always have real-time access to your data.


Closing the loopholes of human error left behind sophisticated machine systems is our specialty, and the efficiency and convenience our products provide are why so many of our clients are happy with their IoT solutions. RUT241 is our workhorse model. The list of problems it helped solve just keeps getting longer and longer, and operating behind the scenes of keeping your car clean is yet another success story in its repertoire.

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