Global Predictive Maintenance by Premas


Premas is a Swiss start-up with a dedicated predictive maintenance solution set to adapt to a wide range of manufacturing machines and help manufacturers distinguish themselves in a saturated and stagnating market.

✔ For its solution to work seamlessly and on a global scale, a stable Internet connection is a must. To that end, it chose to incorporate our RUT241 industrial cellular router in the solution.

✔ RUT241 enables this solution by delivering a stable Internet connection on top of a bevy of added features. Safe from hiccups and interruptions, Premas’s solution successfully enhances and optimizes the manufacturing maintenance process while reducing costs.


The machine manufacturing sector has found itself in an odd place. On one hand, spare part prices have decreased dramatically, resulting in a saturated market where competition is high. This causes machine and spare parts’ prices to drop in order to stay competitive, which means overall profits are down as well. On the other hand, growth in skilled personnel is not keeping up with the increased market output.

This maelstrom of factors has created an environment of stagnation: true innovation is expensive, and it’s becoming increasingly harder to stand out and differentiate your brand from all the other ones. Harder, but not impossible. One of the stronger factors of manufacturing differentiation and customer loyalty is the embracing and implementation of predictive maintenance solutions. Such solutions combine smart sensors, data science, and AI to optimize the maintenance of your manufacturing equipment. In other words, it anticipates equipment needs and optimizes all costs involved with their maintenance.

So what’s the catch? Well, a predictive maintenance solution requires all its parts to communicate without interruptions no matter how remote the manufacturing plant is and regardless of adverse industrial conditions like heat, dirt, and dust. On top of that, it must also maintain seamless remote communication with the solution’s cloud server – often located in a completely different part of the globe. The writing on the manufacturing wall is clear: there’s a need for a network connectivity device capable of delivering guaranteed connection stability.




When PREMAS developed its predictive maintenance solution, it knew the choice of connectivity device was a critical one and opted for our RUT241 industrial cellular router. Connected to the sensors and PLC via Ethernet, this device delivers high performance for mission-critical cellular communication in adverse environments.

It’s also adaptable to a wide range of protocols, is compatible with our Remote Management System (RMS), and is certified in many regions – making it incredibly suitable for a global-application solution that aims to serve a multitude of different machine arrangements.

In addition to these key features, RUT241’s compact size allows for easy integration to this solution’s setup. A durable, rugged, and industrial design means it can take the extreme heat and roughness of your typical industrial environment, and security features such as a dedicated VPN and tunneling services are all fresh cherries on this already-delicious IoT cake.

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