Simple Connectivity For Complex Manufacturing Lines


A good manufacturing line consistently delivers the same quality product, but an excellent one eventually necessitates expansion as demand threatens to exceed supply. That’s the desired outcome, of course, but it can also create some technical hurdles.

An essential part of the line’s success is its single network connecting its many devices. If the infrastructure of this connectivity network is solid, the expansion is pretty straightforward – just add more! If it isn’t... well, let’s just say your engineers will need a lot more coffee.


A manufacturing line working seamlessly is no easy feat. The HMI, PLC, sensors, and robotic crane all need to communicate with each other for this orchestra to stay in tune, but also so that it doesn’t accidentally damage itself with a single, poorly-timed movement.

A single factory often has many manufacturing lines, and each of them needs to be connected to a server for proper data management and remote control. As new lines are added and any given line expands, more devices are added to the growing network. Like any ripple effect, any amount of complexity in the foundation of the connectivity infrastructure will scale with each expansion, growing exponentially into an unwieldy mess of cables, nodes, and blinking devices just waiting to go awry. The network must be centralized with maximum simplicity to prevent that from happening.


Centralizing your network with simplicity is the job for an unmanaged industrial switch, such as our trustworthy TSW210. Designed with 2 SFP ports for long-range fiberoptic communication and 8 Gigabit Ethernet port, this industrial switch can effortlessly maintain a wired connection with the server and the manufacturing line’s devices.

The TSW210 ensures a reliable connection without adding needless complexity to your setup. Crafted with a rugged aluminum housing and sporting DIN rail and other surface mounting options make the TSW210 fit industrial environments perfectly.

Additionally, the TSW210 has a 2-pin industrial DC power socket with a 7-57 VDC input voltage range and can withstand extreme temperatures of -40°C to +75°C. This makes this device flexible in its utility and applicable in a wide range of settings.




  • The TSW210 is equipped with 2 SFP ports for long-range fiberoptic communication, making it a top performer for large networks encompassing many devices.
  • 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports let this unmanaged switch deliver maximum data to your endpoint devices.
  • Compact size, 2-pin industrial DC power socket with an input voltage range of 7-57 VDC, and mounting options including DIN rail for added flexibility all make this device easy to fit in your setup.
  • Designed with rugged aluminum housing and the ability to operate in extreme temperatures, the TSW210 is suitable for a myriad of different industrial applications and settings.


With over two decades of experience making connectivity devices that enable IoT solutions worldwide, we know a thing or two, or three, about machines. That’s because effective machines rely on reliability, consistency, and quality, and those are guaranteed across our ever-growing catalog.

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