Public surveillance and information systems


From Israel to South Korea to China, governments around the world are using technology to track the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak as they race to stem its spread. Technologies and surveillance systems play an integral, increasing, and evolving role in such a situation today. For countries that have implemented strict quarantine measures, it is essential to monitor and inform the public. However, all of this must be done with as little human interaction as possible.


Surveillance systems are already installed in most major cities, but usually, their primary focus is on traffic, roads, and surrounding buildings. Rarely they are installed in big parks or in remote areas. Installing surveillance systems rapidly in parks, city squares, or any other areas where increased people density can be dangerous - is challenging. Moreover, while the situation is extreme due to the Coronavirus outbreak, it is crucial to minimize the time for deployment of such systems. Besides, city governments are struggling to enforce quarantine measures and lack personnel to do that. Unfortunately, not all public is keeping to strict quarantine and social distancing recommendations. In light of this situation, the need to inform the public without contact is as vital as monitoring it. Our partners who started to implement such temporary surveillance and information solutions are facing one major challenge – how to quickly gain access to secure and reliable Internet connectivity in places where cable connection is just not readily available.


As presented in the topology above, the solution consists of a CCTV camera and an IP speaker. They are connected to the RUTX09 professional cellular router that is equipped with 4G LTE CAT6. Cellular technology plays a pivotal role in assuring mission-critical connectivity as governments, and law enforcement can get live footage from parks and other public areas, where more people are gathering and provide live communication via a speaker. This solution can be installed very fast in remote areas or areas where wired Internet connectivity is not available, and it can be operational within a few hours. RUTX09 is a rugged device, which can withstand different weather conditions. It also supports many forms of network redundancy through dual SIM failover. LTE CAT6 module provides speeds up to 300 Mbps, which can enable a better quality of the CCTV footage to the personnel working in the public monitoring centers. In addition, this router is compatible with the Teltonika Remote Management System, which allows remote set-up, configuration, and management.




  • Quick to deploy – no need to wait for wired Internet access deployment, the solution can be preconfigured before installation on-site.
  • Reliable connectivity – Dual SIM functionality makes mission-critical connectivity in remote areas.
  • Live connection – live transmission of directions for people or recorded announcements.
  • Easy to manage – with Teltonika Remote Management System, system administrators can be in control of remote infrastructure with a convenient, user-friendly interface.
  • Secure - data will be safe due to advanced security features of the RUTX09, such as VPN, IPsec, Firewall, and Access Control.


RUTX09 rugged router has high bandwidth up to 300 Mbps, with 2 SIM card slots. It is powerful, but simple to deploy and is capable of providing high cellular data speeds for multiple CCTV 1080p30 video streams and connected IP Speaker provides communication to the public. The router is compatible with Teltonika RMS, which allows you to manage and monitor all Teltonika Networks devices conveniently and remotely.

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