Secure and reliable internet connectivity for hotel guests


In a Statista survey of more than 500 respondents, 75% stated that free internet access plays a very important role in making their hotel selection decisions. A variety of other sources coincide with this trend, listing the WIFI among the other traditionally important factors, such as breakfast and free parking, as their top priority. Currently, there are 3.8 billion smartphone users in the world and this number is increasing rapidly. Combined with other smart devices people got accustomed to using daily, they require WIFI access anywhere they go like air and water.


Offering good quality free WIFI service is only a part of overall connectivity challenge for Hotel managers. Another question is, how reliable and secure is the connection they provide? Unsatisfactory browsing experience will result in lost repeated business opportunities and negative online reviews, which as most of us know, play a crucial role in the hospitality business. The thing is that often the hotel infrastructure does not grow as rapidly as technology does. The solutions that worked perfectly fine a couple of years back are no longer sufficient due to the increasing number of smart devices people carry around and use daily. Besides, while some customers may be using bandwidth-intensive applications, others may need a stable internet connection for their business purposes, like conference calls. It is vital to make sure these needs do not interfere and there are enough resources on site to satisfy all clients, regardless of how they use the internet - for work or fun purposes.




In this solution, the RUTX08 Gigabit Ethernet-to-Ethernet router connects the whole infrastructure to the internet. The connectivity is split into 4 floors with the help of our TSW110 Industrial grade Gigabit switch. Then, TSW110 transfers the data to RUTX10 wireless routers that are equipped with Dual Band Wi-Fi 5 802.11ac, and therefore are very capable of high data transmission and robust wireless performance. To ensure that the connectivity is maintained at the highest level and speed, each floor is equipped with two RUTX10 routers supplying WIFI to one another. These devices can utilize WIFI in Access Point and Station Mode at the same time, which means - less cables needed for installation and always stable continuous WIFI network.

As you may see, on the ground floor we use TSW100 switch to provide IP Cameras, IP Phones and Payment Systems with data and connectivity via single Ethernet cable. TSW100 supports PoE technology and powers up all the devices, which makes the deployment process simple, quick, and cost-efficient.

Another great feature of this solution is compatibility with Remote Management System (RMS). Such infrastructures require periodical updates and maintenance, and all of this can be done without even being present in the building. With RMS, hotel IT operators can access and manage the whole network from anywhere. Even more, they are able to update settings, passwords or device firmware over the air, as well as have a remote desktop access to all hotel management PCs and Mac’s to provide full IT support. This comes especially beneficial if there is a chain of hotels. Remote management reduces the time required to resolve technical issues and reduces costs.


  • High data throughput - through Gigabit Ethernet and Wave-2 802.11ac Dual Band WIFI.
  • Security - ensured by Firewall and numerous VPN services including OpenVPN, IPsec, PPTP, L2TP & DMVPN.
  • Quick deployment - this solution is easy to deploy due to Teltonika Networks product compatibility with one another and the PoE functionality, powering up other devices, like phones and cameras.
  • Easily scalable - such or very similar solution could easily work in most hospitality establishments.
  • Remotely managed - no need to travel for updates or maintenance and the whole infrastructure of one or multiple hotels is easily managed using a single platform from anywhere in the world.


Teltonika Networks focuses a lot on their product reliability and security, which are both very important when offering internet services for your clients. Besides, this solution can universally be deployed in multiple hotels varying in size, location, and occupancy, with minor alterations for each site.

Interested in more use cases like this? Download our use case catalog!

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