Temporary camera surveillance solution


Security of various industrial premises has been a headache for the owners for a long time. There is an abundance of options available nowadays. However, often it is quite problematic to select the right one. For example, having guards to look after the premises 24/7 is only costly but also inefficient. Using up-to-date technology allows monitoring of multiple areas at once and recording what happened for a later review. On the other hand, setting-up and managing complicated CCTV cameras driven systems might as well turn out to be expensive and offer disappointing results if done without the necessary expertise. To understand and chose the best security option, one needs to be experienced and understand how the minds of the burglars work. Therefore, it is often best to trust the specialists with taking care of the whole structure of the solution and avoid unforeseen problems along the way.


Our partner, SBT Europe BV, specializes in offering temporary security cameras, camera surveillance, and burglary prevention. The problem they ran into was the difficulty in supervision outside of the working hours. The issues mainly arose due to insufficient quality of the imaging and inconsistent follow-up. It became clear that the company needs to offer a complete solution with reliable and secure connectivity devices combined with remote management capability, based on the latest technology in the market. Only having stable and uninterrupted connection with a back-up option provides a possibility to record and store crystal clear visual footage, while the remote management enables to manage the company to have real-time knowledge on what is going on in each site and monitor their devices or resolve minor technical issues quickly and easily.


SBT Europe BV is the European market leader in building temporary surveillance cameras and mobile surveillance for optimal protection of construction sites, business parks, wind or solar farms. The wired and wireless camera systems are set up for live view and a certified Private Alarm Center (PAC; Private Alarm Center), allowing simple remote management 24/7.

Capestone is an innovative company that supplies mobile internet solutions to telecom & IT resellers, system integrators, service providers and manufacturers. Think of internet in the bus, train, car or boat, but also a 4G solution as a backup if the fixed internet connection is lost. With specialization in 4G / 5G hardware and connectivity, they can make this possible at any location, for any application in any industry.




SBT Europe BV reached out for help with resolving connectivity issues to Capestone. What they needed was a complete IoT solution ensuring connection continuity at any location, at any given time due to the mobile nature of their business. Combining Capestone’s SIM cards with Teltonika Networks LTE Cat 4 RUT956 satisfied all the requirements because of a few reasons.

The possibility to use two SIM cards provides a backup in case the primary connection is lost. This feature is crucial in remote locations with limited communication options. It is often the case for construction sites, solar farms, and other industrial establishments. Multiple digital and analogue inputs and outputs found in RUT956 allow easily connecting all of the equipment. Usually, there is more than one mast on the site. Therefore, the time resources needed for the setup process make a difference.

Another requirement was for each mast to have its IP address to enable reaching each of them separately safely via VPN IP Sec. Besides, having unique IP addresses with the location makes it possible to keep track of where the masts are in the SBT internal system.

Finally, there is an alarm modem in each mast connected to the alarm center. Having this IoT solution enables resolving minor issues remotely without a need to travel to the mast.

Now, SBT Europe BV offers its clients a solution that includes the masts with track and trace, approach alarm, access control, and security cameras. Offering an off-the-shelf complete IoT product reduces the chances of having any internet security or downtime problems. It also makes the management of the solution unified across locations, therefore much simpler and more efficient. Having the possibility to manage the solution remotely enables spending time catering to other vital business needs.


  • Quick deployment – a unified approach makes it a plug and play solution, which takes significantly lower time resources to set up.
  • Reliable connection – LTE Cat 4 connectivity with dual SIM for backup never disappoints, accompanied by Wi-Fi and Ethernet options.
  • Remote management – eliminates the need to travel to resolve minor issues or update software. When usin RMS Connect, it is even possible to reach the cameras remotely.
  • Safe communication – each mast has its own IP address. The secure connection is also ensured by VPN, using IP Sec protocol, but there is plenty to choose from when using Teltonika Networks routers.


In the words of the SBT Europe BV: „It’s never safe enough, a hundred percent guarantee that hackers can’t get through doesn’t exist. We wanted to be able to arrange this remotely. At the same time, we are able to link the unique IP address with the location to keep track of where the masts are in our system. Finally, there is an alarm modem in the mast, which is connected to the alarm center. This IoT solution enables us not to have to go to the mast but to be able to arrange this remotely. “

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