Wireless Connectivity For Mobile Civil Education Exposition


Education is the foundation our future is built upon. A good education helps shape the next generation of citizens, informs them of how the governmental system works, and fosters the inclusion of each individual as a voice that matters. A bad education, well... not so much. One very useful way to educate young people is a physical exhibition. It takes concepts that may seem distant or abstract and make them more tangible and interactive. But a physical exhibition becomes less accessible the further away you are from it and the fewer financial resources you have to get to its stationary location. In order to maximize its effectiveness and inclusivity, an educational exhibition needs to up its game and become mobile. However, mobility is not without some technical challenges.


These days, an efficient and popular form of exhibition interactivity is the use of QR codes. You scan a physical code in front of you and learn about whatever it’s about in a cool and innovative way. But that assumes you come with a smart device and a mobile data plan, and while we often fall into the mindset that “everyone has it these days”, that is not actually the case; especially for young students.

To solve this issue, exhibitions often have tablets and an internet connection so that anyone can enjoy the interactivity regardless of their financial situation. This is easy to implement when your exhibition is stationary, but can be complicated when it’s mobile. You need to ensure the tablets are connected to the internet no matter where the exhibition is, especially if it’s aiming to reach students from rural areas where the local signal is unreliable at best. In other words, you need to bring your own internet.


The Lithuanian Center for Civil Education is a modern educational space with a permanent, stationary exhibition that seeks to educate young students about the ins and outs of a democratic state and the role of each citizen within it. Recently, the Center decided to mobilize its exhibition and bring it to schools around the country in an effort to be more inclusive to students without the means to attend it in the capital. These students are the most likely not to have smart devices with a mobile data plan.




To ensure its fleet of over 50 tablets has a stable internet connection, the Center of Civil Education chose our very own RUTX14 industrial cellular router. This easily-installed model is a powerhouse of cellular connectivity, boasting 4G LTE Cat12, a download speed of up to 600 Mbps, and dual SIM functionality with auto-failover and load balancing. With these capabilities, a high-speed, uninterrupted wireless connection is guaranteed.

To prevent any interruptions and facilitate an engaging learning experience, two RUTX14 routers are used to cover the entire exhibition area. This ensures that no matter where the exhibition is, or where in the exhibition any of the 50 devices are used at any given time, interacting with a QR code delivers a seamless learning experience with zero latency.


• With LTE Cat12, RUTX14 enables a high-speed internet connection with a download speed of up to 600 Mbps, even in rural areas with poor coverage.
• Dual SIM functionality with auto-failover and load balancing guarantees an uninterrupted stable connection – no exceptions.
• Multiple mounting options make RUTX14 flexible and easy to install in a variety of different locations, even ones that weren’t designed to house industrial devices.


When it comes to our future as democratic states and the education that maintains it, there is no room for compromise. Just because you want to educate in the most inclusive and interactive way doesn’t mean things have to stay complicated on the technical side. At Teltonika Networks, we design our products to help you establish a simple solution regardless of location or conditions, and even make your engineers’ lives easier with our Remote Management System. We don’t believe your connectivity is optional. We believe it’s part of your present, and your future.

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