Who we are

We are Teltonika


Teltonika Networks is a global provider of IoT & IIoT equipment based in Lithuania, Europe, with offices situated across four continents. During more than two decades of R&D, product development and manufacturing of IoT & M2M industrial networking devices, we have created a comprehensive product portfolio for the most challenging Industry 4.0 connectivity applications. Teltonika Networks controls all the stages of the product development life cycle, allowing it to be fast and flexible in reacting to market demands and changes while offering devices that are reliable, secure, and easy to use.



Reliability is one of the core focus while designing devices at Teltonika. Our products are engineered and manufactured with goal to achieve the best reliability possible.


Security risk tests are performed constantly on all Teltonika devices and all products are being periodically updated to eliminate any breaches in order to assure highest level of security.

easy to use

Teltonika Networks devices are highly professional however they are very easy to use. Ability to offer products which do not require any special training is one of our strengths.



  • In IoT business



  • Using our products



  • Enabling 200+ business cases



  • Allowing global product use


To use our exceptional skills, qualified professional and energetic management, sales, and technical support teams to be close to our partners all over the world.

To fulfill their demands with pace and a high degree of flexibility utilizing our extensive R&D and production experience, state-of-the-art technology processes, and significant manufacturing capabilities.



We aspire to become one of the global leaders of providing professional networking equipment that is secure, reliable, and easy to use.

We thrive on contributing to the worldwide adoption of IoT and Industrial IoT, making the lives of the people around the world easier, safer, and more convenient.



We not only work but also live to help and share kindness to the people – our employees, clients, and the general public, especially to those who need our help the most.

We create synergy between each other and our external partners to continuously and courageously change and improve our business and providing personal growth opportunities to our employees.

We work responsibly and transparently, keeping our commitments to the employees and our partners in the spirit of mutual trust and respect.