RMS - New Features Introduction


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When will the wiki page be updated?
If I have 500 devices connected to RMS, is it possible that I can give RMS read only visibility of only 30 devices to the area manager?
Can I configure my device using a config file or only the RMS page?
How frequently does the GNSS receiver send a geo-position to RMS?
Will the video of the meeting webinar be uploaded later on?
How do I enable device recognition based on provider cell information?
Is it also possible to access devices behind the router?
What kind of data can I monitor from my devices?
When uploading a backup configuration or firmware remotely, does RMS wait for the device to be online? Is there confirmation that the upload has been successful?
Can RMS be installed to a Virtual machine?
Is RMS available as an on-premise installable software, or is it cloud-based only?
How to move Credits between Subcompanies in the new RMS?
Can RMS be installed manually on a windows server, cloud or linux?
Will there be an approximate calculator of data usage for remote desktop?
Console access is available?
Will the management system work in scenario when the remote devices got dynamic IP Address assignment?
Are the devices behind the router, like cameras, also accessible via smartphone RMS app?
Does SSH support key pair login or only username and password?
What should be the minimum internet speed to access desktop?
When will RMS be able to support multiple users so I can have an login account for all my engineers ?
What is 'Device (MQTT)' field and why is it required?
Suppose I've installed a router from which I obtain data with 4G if my credits expire do i lose monitor?
Have installer RMS for Windows os / linux?
Can we get data on end devices connected on serial interface?
Can we check 4G Internet Quota from RMS or from GUI RUT240?
5GB free for Connect. At year, at month ? Not clear.
Does connecting to RUT WebUI via RMS counts as usage of 'RMS Connect'?
So device need a credit and for access it is separate credit and for data as well. Am I correct?
Different routers models all over, can I FW update all of them together in a click, or each model have its own SW?
Where can we find a tutorial to set up remote equipment and where can we find the list of compatible equipment with the remote features?
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