RMS Alerts & Automation: A New, Limitless Horizon of Customization


A new era of RMS has begun, one of alerts and automation with limitless customizability. Join RMS Product Owner Tomas Mikolaitis as he presents this new and exciting feature, shows you the steps of configuring an alerts and automation template from start to finish, talks about future additions that are currently in the works for this feature, and answers your questions in a Q&A session.


Can RMS monitor the BAT120?
Can RMS take action on a device outside of the Teltonika family?
When a device's Offline/Online status will be added to alarms to use as a condition?
Is it possible to assign Alerts & Automation templates to multiple devices?
Is it possible to create alerts based on device geolocation?
Does RMS allow to have a subdivision group inside a company?