Remote Image Control Solution for Armored Trucks


Transportation of valuables like cash, jewelry, documents, and similar items, is a critical mission that requires specialized equipment, trained staff, and precautionary safety measures. Thankfully, emerging technology enables a much higher level of protection for both: the staff members and the assets that are being delivered. IoT solutions allow monitoring the fleet of armored trucks in real-time so the headquarters may know what is happening with each of them at any given time and place.


Remote image control significantly increases the security of armored fleets with a critical mission to bring all the valuables to the set destination. However, the solution requires a certain level of automation because the cameras and DVR need to start working before the vehicle leaves the parking area. So, the connectivity device should first be able to integrate the hardware and offer enough firmware flexibility to set up automation rules. Besides, having a stable, reliable connection is crucial for real-time remote monitoring in such missions. Even minutes of lost access could be game-changing in the sense of safety of staff and consignment. And network security is just as vital because a breached connection could result in real-life peril too.


AdvanTech is a system integrator in IoT, M2M, Smart Solution field based in Tirana, Albania. They serve various clients and projects ranging from small construction companies to international enterprises. Together with Teltonika Networks, they completed projects providing connectivity for TV stations, FM Radio towers, VMS for highways, and remote image control for armored trucks.


In this solution, multiple cameras are placed outside and inside the vehicle. Using a wired connection, they connect to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder), which in turn connects to a RUT951 cellular router, providing connectivity for all these devices. A dual-SIM 4G router offers stable and reliable internet access in a moving vehicle with automatic failover, ensuring network continuity even if the primary connection is lost. Having a backup connectivity option with a different operator is essential for the security of this solution, as any minute of lost communication poses an increased threat level.

One of the essential features available in RUT951 for this solution was the scheduling feature that automatically activates the DVR power supply using a digital output. It enables turning on the cameras before the staff arrives at the area and ensures the camera system is active without any human interaction. As a result, the control center in the HQ can have visibility of the vehicle and its' surroundings.

The HQ connects to the router using a secure VPN connection. The RutOS offers a variety of VPN services to choose from to fit the requirements of different solutions. An encrypted connection protects the data from viewing or altering by third parties for malicious purposes, so the live camera footage and the recordings can safely reach the remote monitoring center and servers.




  • RUT951 offers a 4G connectivity with automatic dual-SIM failover that is perfect for providing connectivity with a backup in a moving vehicle.
  • The rugged and durable design of RUT951 can sustain the truck's vibration and wide temperature ranges.
  • The scheduling feature available in RUT951 allows to turn on the solution without any human interaction before the staff arrives at the parking area.
  • Using one of the multiple available VPN services in RutOS afford encrypted secure remote access from the HQ to the solution.


Teltonika Networks has been producing industrial connectivity devices to meet the challenges of various scenarios. Our routers can sustain vibrations, extreme temperatures and offer advanced security options. Lately, Teltonika Networks devices have gained popularity among multiple racers for their connectivity needs. Hence, they have been tested in the most rigorous conditions on the road and proven to be very successful in various vehicle applications. Besides, our devices offer advanced software functionalities, like automation features and remote management capabilities, that help save time and, in this case - increase the security of the solution.

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