According to a statistics website Statista, global heavy-duty truck sales in 2019 were 2.3 million. They are not always on the road, so the question is – where do they make a stop? The answer is a logistics center. In US alone, the overland freight movement market is worth 791.7 billion. The cargo safety when the truck is parked remains just as important when its on the road. Naturally, such a task is quite daunting and requires a high-tech solution.


Logistics centers are bound to require constant CCTV surveillance due to the need to keep cargo safe. If the vehicles, personnel, or goods sustain any damage, it needs to be documented. The cameras also serve as a preventative measure against theft and any other unaccounted business disturbance.

Large trucks can obstruct the view further away in the parking lot of the logistics center, so the cameras for monitoring need to be spaced out evenly and faced at different angles. The logistics center needs to keep a close eye on any incidents, like one truck running into another, that might happen on-premises. A 24/7 surveillance system helps to ensure the security of all vehicles.

The camera network needs not only an internet connection but a power supply too. When covering a large enough area, all of this becomes progressively more complex. On top of that, everything needs to be connected to the same network to transmit a live video feed of the open parking space and other operations.


Two main parts make up the solution to this problem. A pair of Teltonika Networks devices can work in tandem: a router to connect the cameras to the internet and a switch to provide power and transfer data.

RUTX08 industrial ethernet router is a great addition and acts as a central component in the whole setup. It not only links the TSW100 switches in a single network but can also have an NVR (Network Video Recorder) connected, which stores all of the video stream from the cameras. RUTX08 acts as the main gateway between the user, the internet and the surveillance system.

Naturally, the cameras require internet and electricity to keep running. In such a case, a perfect choice is the TSW100 industrial PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at standard) switch. TSW100 can provide both data and power through the same connection. Each switch’s 4 PoE ports can accommodate CCTV cameras which will monitor the parking space availability and track truck location in the parking lot at any given time.

However, the TSW100 can manage more than regular CCTV cameras because it offers up to 30 W of power per each Ethernet port. Increased power resources allow for the installation of a more advanced PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera. Moreover, the combination of RMS and RUTX08 lets you access each of the PTZ cameras’ individual webUI and control them directly. Additionally, they have the option of automatic movement tracking as they register it in their field of view.

RMS (Remote Management System) and a video surveillance system allows for remote operation management. Besides Teltonika RMS let’s you access the camera’s web UI without the need for a public IP address. There is also an option to monitor the router’s network parameters and receive notifications if RUTX08 loses connection to the internet. Besides, RMS lets you manage multiple routers located in different parking sites with a single user interface. Lastly, you can automate router monitoring, configuration and software updates.




  • You can easily set up the entire system as TSW100 offers plug-and-play functionality without the need for any additional configurations.
  • RUTX08 is compatible with the Teltonika Remote Management System, which receives constant and regular updates.
  • Remote management and video surveillance system lets users control camera settings without traveling to the physical location.


Teltonika Networks offers advanced IoT solutions that are designed to be easy to install. We strive to provide only the highest quality hardware and software that meets our clients’ every need. Thanks to seamless interaction between the RMS, RUTX08 router and TSW100 switches, the setup process is fast and easy for anyone looking to integrate IoT into their business.

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