Secure connectivity for bank branches


✔ Nowadays, banks must provide more than just traditional banking services over networks; they must also prioritise exceptional data security. At the centre of this mandate is a solid and secure network infrastructure that meets all criteria, with the added advantages of scalability and easy management. 

✔ For a solution embodying security, efficacy, and additional features like remote monitoring, Teltonika Networks’ RUT300 ethernet router, coupled with RMS and its Connect and VPN services, emerge as an unparalleled choice. 

✔ The RUT300 Ethernet router fortifies bank branches with reliable network connectivity while RMS grants exceptional remote monitoring and management capabilities, further amplified by its ability to offer secure access to third-party devices. This guarantees seamless overseeing of the entire network infrastructure of bank branches, ensuring unmatched convenience and security. 

The challenge – when security is on the line 

Modern banking is deeply integrated with the Internet and advanced technologies, designated not only to offer traditional banking services but also to establish a great user experience by ensuring client data security. Nearly all services depend on network connectivity, integrating myriad systems and databases within financial institutions. 

As institutions committed to client satisfaction, banks cannot afford lapses in their network infrastructure. Even the faintest hint of a data breach is unacceptable, as a single oversight can jeopardise client trust and trigger larger system disruptions. While prioritising network protection is crucial, achieving robust network security solutions isn’t necessarily straightforward. 

Many banks operate branches across multiple cities, countries, and even continents, which makes managing their network infrastructure a complex issue. Employing staff to oversee each individual branch’s network security is both costly and outdated. For this reason, it’s vital for solutions to offer simple implementation of robust network connectivity support as well as remote monitoring and management capabilities across the entire network infrastructure.



The solution – when security is online  

At the foundation of secure network infrastructure in each bank branch lies a pivotal networking device – the Teltonika Networks RUT300. This Ethernet router offers robust connectivity and strengthens the security framework with its built-in Firewall and comprehensive VPN service support, including Open VPN. While this Ethernet router sets a high benchmark for network protection, it represents just one facet of network security solutions bank branches should aspire to implement. 

To amplify the network infrastructure security in banks and their branches further, integrating the Remote Management System (RMS) of Teltonika Networks with this solution is key. Given the compatibility of the RUT300 Ethernet router with RMS, banks can leverage this user-friendly IoT cloud platform that prioritises security above all else. 

RMS facilitates seamless remote monitoring and management of end devices via the RUT300 Ethernet router, leveraging specialised RMS services such as Connect & VPN. These services grant bank branches secure access without requiring public IP addresses and additional VPN services. 

Essentially, RMS Connect allows banks to access remote end devices with the same ease as if they were physically on-site. At the same time, RMS VPN bolsters the security of these connections. 

By accessing end devices, such as computers, printers, and other bank branch devices connected to the RUT300 Ethernet router, bank branches can remotely monitor and oversee the network distribution across multiple branches from a remote location. 

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