GPL Code Center

GPL Code Center

Open Source Software is an integral part of Teltonika Networking products.

Out of our gratitude towards all the libre-hearted companies and individuals who have put countless hours of time into developing, improving and auditing all this software, we are releasing full-fledged Software Development Kits that can be used to modify and build complete firmware images. This is a huge check mark in our GPL-compliance book.

We’d like to say special thanks to:

Without a doubt this would not be possible without perfect synergy between reliable hardware components and highly functional RutOS firmware which is based on an embedded Linux distribution OpenWRT which is continuously and actively supported by large community of professionals and enthusiasts.

Over the years our RutOS has become extremely powerful, safe and stable – best of all – it is open for third-party customization and is flexible to be adapted with any 3rd party software.

We believe in IoT and helping people achieve better lives through the use of connectivity and technology.

We want to inspire enthusiasts and professionals around the world to contribute to increasing pace of innovation, therefore we are happy to share GPL and SDK for our networking devices publicly.

Get creative or contact us if you need some help.