The TAP200, TSW202 & TSW212 Walkthrough  


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Do you have a planning tool to check the Wi-Fi coverage?
What is the peculiarity in the product nomenclature for ease of product identification? I mean, can you easily tell the features of a product just from the name?
Is there a need for scripts while integrating a switch/AP with other devices?
Is there any ability to achieve SDWAN/MPLS with the Teltonika Networks managed switches portfolio?
Can I connect a TAP200 to non-Teltonika Networks switches?
Will the TSW202 & TSW212 work on 48 DC?
What is the connectivity range of the TAP200? 
I am currently managing multiple RUT 955/6 on RMS for bus Wi-Fi. I am interested in deploying Wi-Fi at the bus terminals. Two questions: what would be your switch recommendation and secondly, can I run this network on the same RMS account? 
Can I set a TAP200 to be used under account connection by users to each SSID? Also, what can and cannot be configured in the SSIDs?
How many users can connect to a TAP200?
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