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Global markets, companies, and people around the world are facing an unprecedented reality regarding the spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and all the safety measures that are being taken to control the situation. Everybody is coming together to find new solutions for the problems they face. Some call this the biggest “Work from home experiment”. Some are looking for new ways to connect to their clients. Some need to completely rethink how they provide education for students. Some are rushing to implement remote monitoring and management solutions to infrastructure to avoid human service and maintenance activities. Some require implementing secure and dependable networks as fast as possible to provide connectivity for crucial temporary deployments that are meant to help governments control and monitor the spread of the virus and provide much-needed help. The public and private sectors are joining forces to lessen the impact of the crisis with the help of technology. Throughout this crisis the safety of our families, employees, customers, partners and communities matter the most. We stand ready to help by sharing our experience and expertise in communication technologies gathered from thousands of successful mission-critical communication deployments. In this section you will find most relevant resources and examples from us and the vast number of our partners. If you have a problem, a question or an idea – contact us and we will do our best to help you.

2020 / 04 / 03

News // Internet connectivity for emergency solutions during Covid-19

Global markets, companies, and people around the world are facing an unprecedented reality regarding the spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and all the safety measures that are being taken to control the situation. Everybody is coming together to find new solutions for the problems they face. Some call this the biggest “Work from home experiment”. Some are looking for new ways …

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  • Automate functions with RMS task manager

    In this webinar, we invite you to delve deeper into one of the essential RMS tools - Task Manager. We will review in more depth:

    - what RMS Task Manager is;
    - how to start using it with Teltonika Networks routers;
    - specific areas to look for and
    - how to install additional functionalities from Task Manager into your router.

  • Automate functions with RMS task manager

    In this webinar, we invite you to delve deeper into one of the essential RMS tools - Task Manager. We will review in more depth:

    - what RMS Task Manager is;
    - how to start using it with Teltonika Networks routers;
    - specific areas to look for and
    - how to install additional functionalities from Task Manager into your router.

  • Bondix Intelligence enables bonding functionality in Teltonika Networks routers!

    Bondix Intelligence enables bonding functionality in Teltonika Networks routers!

    This webinar is for anyone who wishes to:

    - find out more about bonding functionality;
    - learn how to use it;
    - understand all benefits and
    - hear real-life examples and configuration scenarios.
    - Do not miss a chance to get all the answers to your questions from our Andrius Unikas & Martin Santner representing Teltonika Networks and Bondix Intelligence.

  • Essential Level 2 Teltonika Networks Technical Training

    More than a year ago, we introduced Essential Level 1 Teltonika Networks Technical Training. During that year, more than 110 technical engineers participated and gained valuable information.
    For those who wish to deepen their knowledge some more, we got exciting news today! We are launching Level 2 Technical Training that will cover Teltonika Networks device configurations in more depth. Join this live online training to learn how to configure our devices and understand how specific features …

  • How to customize RMS to get the most of your IoT solution

    Join this live webinar to learn how to leverage Teltonika Networks Remote Management System (RMS) in your unique IoT solutions. We will present different customization options on a standard RMS account and include the following:

    • Dashboard customization options
    • Advanced RMS applications
    • Custom account management

    As usual, a Q&A session will follow at the end. Register to reserve your seat!

  • 2021 Use Cases - September

    September is here, and it is time to catch up! Let's review and refresh our ideas with a selection of the most compelling use cases and success stories from our clients! Join us for an hour to discuss the latest topologies, real-life installation photos, the latest news straight from the sales floor, and most importantly - the business opportunities these use cases may present!

  • RutOS Security

    High-security standards are an essential requirement for Teltonika Networks products. Our devices have multiple security features embedded into the RutOS for reliable protection against cybersecurity threats. For this reason, we continually improve and update our software. Join our webinar and find out all about the newest RutOS security features!


    Не упустите шанс узнать больше о нашем новом промышленном Ethernet - маршрутизаторе - RUT300! До сих пор мы предлагали продукты категорий CAT1, CAT4 и CAT6 LTE, но что будет дальше? Присоединяйтесь к этому вебинару и узнайте все о грядущем пополнении портфолио Teltonika Networks!

  • Introducing Remote Management System - VPN

    Recently, Teltonika Networks RMS received an update. New functionality added more ways to access your Teltonika and third-party devices for expanded monitoring and control capabilities. Do not miss this opportunity to learn about the latest features and see how it all works in a live demo!


    На этом вебинаре мы продемонстрируем бизнес-примеры, в которых подключение с низким энергопотреблением по Bluetooth вместе с датчиками, маяками и маршрутизаторами Teltonika Networks может решить проблемы и сэкономить время.

  • Introducing the RUTX14!

    So far we have been offering products with CAT1, CAT4, and CAT6 LTE categories but what's coming next? Join this webinar and hear all about the upcoming Teltonika Networks portfolio addition!

  • RMS Introduzione Generale e casi d’uso

    Parleremo dell’utilizzo della piattaforma RMS, le sue principali funzionalitá ed alcuni casi d’uso in cui RMS gioca un ruolo fondamentale.

  • Teltonika Networks Certification Program

    Join this webinar to see the value of the Teltonika Networks Certification Program. This program is designed to help Sales and Technical teams reach their full potential by equipping them with 360° product and market knowledge. During the webinar, we will demonstrate the structure of two different training programs and explain the steps you need to take to become a part of them. And of course, at the end of the webinar, you will have a chance to get your questions answered in a live Q&A.

  • WiFi Marketing with Cloud4Wi and Teltonika Networks

    Want to know more about WiFi and it's capabilities? Do not miss a chance to hear in depth information about it, from one of our partners Cloud4Wi - specialists in WiFi solutions. Check it out, how we combine Teltonika Networks devices with their cloud platform!


    Tüm network altyapınızı uzaktan kontrol etmenize olanak sağlayan IoT platformumuz olan Remote Management System'i tanıtacağımız online webinarımızda aramıza katılın ve platformumuza eklediğimiz yeni özellikler ile bu özellikleri kullanarak neler yapabileceğinizi öğrenme fırsatını kaçırmayın!


    On this webinar we will showcase business cases where Bluetooth low energy connectivity, together with sensors and beacons and routers of Teltonika Networks, could solve problems and save time.

  • Covid-19 Use Cases Webinar

    What is happening in the world is very different from what we used to see two years ago. But now, everyone is forced to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, which we face every day. Covid-19 has changed the way we work and live. During this webinar, you will have a chance to see how IoT and M2M are helping the world to overcome this challenge.

  • Connettività IoT: gli ultimi trend del mercato globale

    Il primo #webinar in italiano di Teltonika Networks. Avrete un’opportunità unica per conoscere gli ultimi trend della connettività #IoT del mercato globale. Parleremo di come le diverse tecnologie vengono utilizzate per affrontare le sfide legate all’emergenza COVID e delle soluzioni piu’ innovative per garantire la connettività GSM e Wifi. Non perdete l’occasione! Join us!

  • Ethernet & Wireless Division Introduction

    We are growing, we are expanding and we are dividing our product portfolio into two divisions. Do not miss this opportunity to hear more about Ethernet & Wireless Division products, use cases and the reasons for this change.


    Do not miss a chance to hear more about our new industrial ethernet to ethernet router - RUT300! You will have an opportunity to hear our insights of this particular product, use cases and brief feature introduction.


    Представляем Вам две новинки - RUT360 и TSW110. Присоединяйтесь к нам, чтобы познакомиться с новым компактным маршрутизатором LTE Cat 6 и неуправляемым коммутатором L2. Узнайте, как эти два разных продукта могут расширить возможности Вашего бизнеса, и ознакомьтесь с реальными сценариями использования с представленными топологиями.

  • Meet Two New Devices - RUT360 & TSW110

    Recently we introduced two new products - RUT360 and TSW110. Join us for half an hour introduction of new compact LTE Cat 6 router and L2 unmanaged switch. Learn how these two different products could empower your business and hear about real-life usage scenarios with presented topologies.

  • 2020 - A year in review

    Needless to say, 2020 will remain in our collective memory for a long time as one of the more challenging times of the 21st century for multiple reasons. As Teltonika Networks – our goals were as ambitious as ever to continue growing. Join our webinar to take a step back and review the most significant news and updates that you might have missed in 2020, and take a look at what the future holds for Teltonika Networks and our partners in 2021.

  • RUTXR1 Введение

    RUTXR1 - первый маршрутизатор корпоративной серии производства Teltonika Networks (SFP порт). Не упустите шанс услышать, какие невероятные функции нам удалось включить в этот продукт!

  • How to choose the right cellular router/gateway for your IoT solution?

    We understand that it might be difficult to choose the right product out of all the offers, that is why, we have participated in a live webinar with Emnify, where we had a chance to share our insights, how to do this at it's best!

  • RMS введение и новые возможности

    Отныне наша система удаленного мониторига становится платформой IoT, которая дает возможность удалённо управлять всей сетевой инфраструктурой. Так что не упустите возможность узнать, какие функции мы добавили и каким образом вы можете их использовать в своих решениях!

  • RUTXR1 Introduction

    RUTXR1 - the first enterprise series router made by Teltonika Networks. Do not miss the chance to hear what incredible features we have managed to include into this product!

  • IoT Connectivity Market Trends

    Our monthly webinar will be a little different this time. You will have a unique opportunity to get the newest information regarding emerging IoT connectivity markets in 2020 from the head of sales - Mindaugas Navickas. We will speak about how the market changed due to the global pandemic and how Teltonika Networks managed to adapt. Moreover, we will discuss different connectivity technologies and how they are evolving in the current IoT connectivity market. Don’t miss your chance to join an …

  • Introducción a las nuevas funciones del RMS

    A partir de ahora, nuestro Sistema de Gestión Remota, se convierte en una plataforma de IoT que permite la posibilidad de controlar toda su infraestructura de red de forma remota. ¡Así que no pierdas esta oportunidad de escuchar acerca de las funcionalidades que hemos agregado y sobre lo que puedes hacer con ellas!

  • RMS - New Features Introduction

    From now on, our Remote Management System, becomes an IoT platform, which enables a possibility to control your whole network infrastructure remotely. So do not miss this chance to hear what functionalities we have added and what you can make with them!

  • Бизнес Кейсы - Сентябрьский Выпуск

    Иногда говорят 'лучше 1 раз увидеть чем 100 раз услышать'. Итак, мы представим вам самые интересные бизнес кейсы, реализованные совместно с нашими партнёрами! Мы поделимся реальными фотографиями применения! Поделимся опытом и знаниями в разных сегментах рынка! И у нас будет просьба!

  • Teltonika Networks IoT Çözümleri; Başarıya giden yolda güçlü ortağınız

    Teltonika Networks olarak IoT&M2M bağlantıları için halihazırda 21 adet ürün üretmekteyiz. Cihazlarımızla uygulanabilir değişik senaryo sayısı gerçekten limitsiz! Sizleri, üreticisi olduğumuz cihazlar ve emniyetli ve güvenilir internet bağlantısının olmazsa olmaz olduğu farklı endüstrilerden kullanım senaryoları hakkında konuşacağımız webinarımıza davet etmek istiyoruz. Webinarımıza katılarak Teltonika Networks cihazlarının potansiyelini ve nerelerde kullanabiceğini deneyimleyebilirsiniz!

  • Use Cases - September Edition

    3rd time does not lie - some people say. So, We are going to present you the most interesting use cases made with our partners! We will share real pictures and installation photos! We will introduce you to the market segmentation! We will share our experience and knowledge! We will ask a favor from you!

  • Бизнес кейсы - Августовский выпуск

    Месяц назад мы провели наш первый вебинар о бизнес кейсах - июльский выпуск. Мы обещали Вам, что будем делать их каждый месяц, поэтому приглашаем присоединиться к нашему вебинару по бизнес кейсам - августовский выпуск! Вы услышите 12 новых вариантов использования из 6 различных отраслей!

  • Teltonika Networks RUTOS - uma extensa introdução

    A filosofia dos produtos da Teltonika Networks pode ser descrita em 3 frases: seguro, confiável, fácil de usar. Mas o que está por trás dessas palavras? Nosso sistema operacional - RUTOS. Ele fortalece nossos produtos e mostra do que somos capazes. Portanto, gostaríamos de convidá-lo para o nosso webinar: RUTOS - uma introdução extensa, onde você terá a oportunidade única de ouvir quais recursos ele inclui e o que você pode fazer com eles!

  • Teltonika Networks RUTOS - подробное введение

    Философию продуктов Teltonika Networks можно описать тремя словами: безопасность, надежность, простота в использовании. Но что скрывается за этими словами? Наша операционная система - RUTOS, которая расширяет возможности наших продуктов и показывает, на что мы способны. Итак, мы хотели бы пригласить вас на наш вебинар: RUTOS - подробное введение, где у вас будет уникальная возможность узнать, какие функции включает в себя система и что вы можете с ними делать!

  • Use Cases - August Edition

    1 Month ago we had our first webinar about use cases - July edition. We have promised You that we will make them every month, so now, do not hesitate to join our Use Cases - August edition webinar! You will hear 12 use cases from 6 different industries!

  • Бизнес кейсы - Июльский выпуск

    На сегодняшний день Teltonika Networks предлагает 21 устройство для IoT и M2M проектов. Количество различных сценариев использования для них действительно неограниченно. Мы хотим пригласить Вас послушать про новые решения от Teltonika Networks по всем сегментам рынка, где необходимо безопасное и надёжное интернет соединение. Присоединяйтесь к нам, чтобы узнать больше об этом в первом выпуске серии Вебинаров по Бизнес Кейсам!

  • Teltonika Networks RUTOS: una amplia introducción

    La filosofía de los productos de Teltonika Networks se puede describir en 3 frases: segura, confiable y fácil de usar. ¿Pero qué hay detrás de estos conceptos? Nuestro sistema operativo - RUTOS. Este Potencia nuestros productos y muestra de lo que somos capaces. Por lo tanto, nos gustaría invitarlo a nuestro seminario web: RUTOS - una introducción extensa, donde tendrá la posibilidad única de escuchar qué características incluye y qué puede hacer con ellas.

  • Use Cases - July Edition

    Today, Teltonika Networks offers 21 products for IoT & M2M connectivity. The number of different application scenarios for them are truly limitless. We would like you to invite you to hear more about the use cases of our products from all Industries where secure and reliable connectivity is essential. Join us to hear more about them to the first edition of our Use Case Webinar series!

  • Представляем наши последние разработки - TSW100 и RUTX12

    Этот вебинар будет посвящён двум нашим новейшим устройствам, их функциональности и вариантам использования. Эти два продукта откроют двери для новых возможностей!

    TSW100 - промышленный неуправляемый PoE коммутатор.
    RUTX12 - первый маршрутизатор Teltonika Networks с двумя модулями LTE и функцией балансировки нагрузки.

  • Presentando El Nuevo Switch TSW100!

    Presentaremos el primer Switch de Teltonika Networks: TSW100. Conocerá en detalle los puntos clave sobre el nuevo dispositivo, incluidas las principales especificaciones técnicas y los casos de uso asociados a este dispositivo.

  • Introducing The New RUTX12

    We will present the newest flagship cellular router of Teltonika Networks - RUTX12!

    You will get to know in detail the key points about the new device including main technical specifications, use cases and why it is unique device in Teltonika Networks portfolio.

  • Технологические решения на базе 4G LTE в период пандемии COVID-19

    Мировые рынки, компании и люди во всем мире сталкиваются с беспрецедентной реальностью в отношении распространения нового коронавируса (COVID-19) и всех мер безопасности, которые принимаются для контроля над ситуацией. Люди объединяются, чтобы найти решения насущных проблем, с которыми они сталкиваются. Некоторые называют это самым большим экспериментом «Работа на дому». Но все предприятия ищут возможности для новых решений. На этом вебинаре мы рассмотрим, какие решения сегодня пользуются …

  • Introducing The New TSW100 Switch

    We will present the first switch of Teltonika Networks - TSW100. You will get to know in detail the key points about the new device including main technical specifications, use cases.

  • Teltonika Networks RUTOS - an extensive introduction

    Teltonika Networks products philosophy can be described in 3 phrases: secure, reliable, easy to use. But what lies behind these words? Our operating system - RUTOS. It empowers our products and shows what we are capable of. So, we would like to invite You to our webinar: RUTOS - an extensive introduction, where you will have an unique possibility to hear what features it includes and what you can do with them!


    Presentaremos los dispositivos de puertas de enlace más recientes de nuestra serie TRB2. Conocerá en detalle los puntos clave sobre los nuevos dispositivos, incluidas las principales especificaciones técnicas, los casos de uso y los mercados potenciales para los dispositivos de esta serie.


    We will present the newest devices of TRB2 series gateways. You will get to know in detail the key points about the new devices including main technical specifications, use cases and potential markets for the newest devices.

  • Introdução ao RMS (Sistema de Gerenciamento Remoto)

    O Sistema de Gerenciamento Remoto da Teltonika Networks é uma das ferramentas mais úteis quando se trata de monitoramento e gerenciamento remotos de nossos gateways, roteadores e dispositivos conectados a eles. Neste próximo webinar, queremos mostrar as principais funcionalidades do RMS e as principais vantagens que economizam tempo e custos operacionais para centenas de parceiros da Teltonika Networks que já usam o RMS.

  • Sistema de gestión remota de Teltonika: una amplia introducción

    El Sistema de administración remota de Teltonika Networks es una de las herramientas más útiles cuando se trata de monitoreo y administración remota de nuestras puertas de enlace, enrutadores y de los dispositivos conectados a ellos. En este seminario web, mostraremos las principales funcionalidades del RMS y las ventajas clave que le ahorran significativamente tiempo y costos operativos a cientos de partners de Teltonika Networks que usan actualmente el RMS.

  • Conectividad a Internet para soluciones de emergencia durante COVID-19

    Los mercados mundiales y las personas en todo el mundo se enfrentan a una realidad sin precedentes, la propagación del nuevo Coronavirus (COVID-19).
    En este seminario profundizaremos en casos de uso emergentes para dispositivos de red profesionales con conectividad celular:
    • Trabajar desde la conectividad del hogar
    • Información pública, vigilancia y soluciones de aplicación
    • Telemetría remota, monitoreo de equipos y control de infraestructura
    • Soluciones de venta y autoservicio

  • Internet Connectivity for Emergency Solutions During COVID-19

    Global markets, companies, and people around the world are facing an unprecedented reality regarding the spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and all the safety measures that are being taken to control the situation. Everybody is coming together to find new solutions for the problems they face. Some call this the biggest "Work from home experiment". But all businesses are looking for new possibilities for new solutions. In this article we would like to help you understand how wireless …

  • Teltonika Remote Management System - an extensive introduction

    The Remote Management System by Teltonika Networks is one of the most useful tools when it comes to remote monitoring and management of our gateways, routers and devices connected to them. In this upcoming webinar we want to showcase main RMS functionalities and key advantages that significantly save time and operational costs for hundreds of Teltonika Networks partners who use RMS already.