RutOS 7.07: new possibilities for your networking solutions 

April 23, 2024

As with all good things – they can always be improved. The same goes for RutOS version 7.06. With pride and joy, we present to you our long-awaited, newest update: version 7.07


Your satisfaction is our most important focus and goal. As such, our R&D team constantly seeks improvement and even more enhanced IoT technologies tailored to fit your needs.

It’s true what they say – in order to improve, you must listen. So, we did! 

Let’s take a look at RutOS version 7.07 and how it will improve your networking solutions! 

Everything that’s new – designed for you 

We have so many new features and updates to share, starting from... 

Device reset 

RutOS version 7.07 is equipped with full system support – allowing for three different types of product reset. From now on, you can reset your devices to the full factory settings; system settings, including IP address, PIN, and data; or user default configuration, which you can customise yourself. 

We’ve created this feature to ensure your devices and private information are extra secure and flexible. You can perform these resets in two ways: by doing it manually on the device, or remotely, without touching the physical device – all for your comfort. 

Improved event logs

With RutOS version 7.07, you can send your event logs not to one, but multiple servers. This way, you can manage your information flow and status updates, distribute them according to your needs, and keep your networking solutions running smoothly. This also lets you store your information in one server while using other servers for testing. 


Moreover, a useful new feature is the Internet widget. This feature shows the connectivity performance of your device. Now, whenever the device loses connection, you’ll be able to find the cause in the event log. 


New authentication method 

Starting with version 7.07, users can register to a Radius server with MAC addresses when accessing our devices’ Wi-Fi hotspots, something which was previously only possible by entering a username and password. 

This function originated from a request by one of our clients and is particularly useful in the retail management sector for creating heatmaps according to client traffic and using targeted ads according to client location. 

Time-based login blocking 

Great updates haven’t ended just yet. With version 7.07, your networking solution is protected from complete user IP address block. You see, with previous RutOS versions, you could’ve only entered incorrect passwords 10 times before your IP address was blocked. Although it was a great security feature protecting the system from hackers, human errors were still a factor. 

With this update, your IP address won’t be blocked by the system forever. Instead, version 7.07 implements a time-based login blocking feature. This feature will block IPs for 10 minutes after 10 failed login attempts, and future attempts will cause blocking of 30 minutes and then 60 minutes, which is the maximum. 10 failed login attempts are the default, but you can define a different number if you’d like.  

This decreases the risk of accidentally getting blocked by forgetting your password and entering it incorrectly – an experience many of us can relate to. 

Virtual routing and forwarding

One feature we’re especially proud of is Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF). This IP technology allows users to configure multiple routing tables to simultaneously co-exist within the same router. Overlapping IP addresses can be used without conflict because the multiple routing instances are independent and can select different outgoing interfaces. 


Mobile updates 

RutOS version 7.07 has a newly-implemented feature involving unsuccessful connections to the Internet. With this new firmware version, you’ll receive automatic notifications that include the cause for the unsuccessful connection – instead of having to access the console and figure it out manually. 

Additionally, you will be automatically notified if the mobile connection quality falls below a specified threshold. This will allow you to fix the connectivity issue before your networking solution decreases in quality and performance. 

Moreover, we’ve added mobile interface to Quality of Service (QoS) function to expand its functionality. 

Device-specific updates 

There’s a new update for our beloved Wi-Fi access points, the TAP100 and TAP200. From now on, these connected devices have mesh mode, also known as 802.11s! In addition, all other devices supporting Wi-Fi now feature a more polished mesh mode functionality, which enhances connectivity robustness and minimises the risk of disruption. 

We’re not done with our devices updates just yet. Next up is our OTD140 4G outdoor PoE router. The OTD140 can now reboot end devices to which it provides connectivity and can periodically check whether a connected device is online. If it's not, the OTD140 will automatically reboot it, ensuring that your networking solution operates smoothly at all times. 

In addition to that, we’re happy to announce that framed routing now works on our 5G devices! Framed routing is only defined for PDU sessions of the IP type (IPv4, IPv6, IPv4v6) and enables support of IP networks behind a UE, such that a range of IPv4 addresses or IPv6 prefixes is reachable over a single PDU session, such as for enterprise connectivity. 

Honourable mentions 

Besides all these great additions, there are a few final paint brush strokes perfecting RutOS version 7.07. 

From now on, whenever there’s a new firmware update is available for any Teltonika networking product, you'll get a notification encouraging you to update its firmware to the newest version. You won’t have to repeatedly check for it yourself – RutOS will do that for you! 

Another cool feature is the password generator. Just press on the dice-shaped icon in the “new password” tab and a randomised password will be automatically generated for you. 

Last but not least, in version 7.07 there’s a new DHCP page where you can see the status of servers running inside of your Teltonika router. 

Let's make your wish come true 

We couldn’t be happier with version 7.07 of RutOS, and we hope you’ll love it too. Didn't see an update that’s relevant to you? Then make sure to contact us and we'll make the next update to help your network solution thrive even better. 

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