Verslo sektorius

Verslo sektorius

Verslo sektoriaus programoms reikalinga saugi, patikima ir lengvai naudojama jungiamoji aparatūra. Galite pasikliauti Teltonika Networks, kad galėtumėte išplėsti tinklo infrastruktūrą, skirtą pirminiam ir atsarginiam ryšiui.

Use cases

  • Empowering ATM connectivity

    The worldwide anticipation of cashless society might suggest an idea that Automated Teller Machines or ATMs is the thing of the past. However, statistics provided by The World Bank indicate that the number of active ATM machines around the world have grown by more than 126% in the last five years …

  • Out-of-band management for Cisco ISR

    Out-of-band management has long been used to access a remote site or device, as a way to monitor, restore service or determine an issue affecting service. In the past, the most popular method of out-of-band access was the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), via analog POTS lines (Plain Old …

  • Secure branch connectivity

    Internet downtime is a problem. However, when we talk about enterprise networks and connecting dozens or hundreds of business branches into a secure internal network, the problem of Internet downtime becomes a significant financial loss.