November 13, 2020

At Teltonika Networks, our mission is to create networking products that are reliable, secure, and easy to use. Most of our products have more than one connectivity option. The number of solutions using the cellular network is growing due to its convenient wireless setup and accessibility. However, choosing the right connectivity option and service provider for mission-critical IoT projects might be more challenging than it may seem at first glance.


Usually, the decision depends on factors like the speed of deployment, scalability, reliability, security, coverage, pricing, and management methods. A large corporation might have completely different requirements than an integrator or a reseller. The question is - how to not get lost and make the right choice when the selection is so wide?

Knowing these challenges and having our clients in mind, we wanted to go an extra mile and offer an off-the-shelf solution that is easy to deploy, works globally, is flexible, and can be conveniently managed. We figured that an eSIM card could often be a company’s best bet. It does not require to tie up to one specific operator and provides a selection of carriers, which not only increases connection reliability, easily adjusts to your changing business needs, but also helps to save on costs. Combining Teltonika Networks devices with an eSIM helps to get projects off the ground much faster.

To help with the navigation amongst various connectivity providers, we have selected a few we found to be noteworthy and joined forces with them. Here is a short introduction to each of them, but you may find more detailed information via our IoT Platforms page.


KORE gives a choice of tier 1 cellular operators from leading carriers and allows sizing data plans based on the business. A single connectivity management platform works perfectly for monitoring and management of carrier performance. Combining Teltonika’s ground-breaking router solutions and the reliable, industry-leading connectivity from KORE ensure reliable communications, uninterrupted operations, and simplified connectivity all in one seamless, cost-effective solution.


Teltonika Networks partnership with 1oT enabled to provide the IoT industry with a future-proof cellular connectivity solution. We are combining Teltonika Networks’ IoT devices with 1oT eSIM and connectivity management. While Teltonika Networks oversees product development, flexible 1oT eSIM offers cost and time efficiency to get projects started.


Partnership with SIM4IoT allows us to offer a complete package of industrial routers in conjunction with an M2M SIM card. Despite the solid aluminum housing, the industrial routers also offer high performance in cellular communication and, in combination with SIM4IoT M2M card, guarantee the best possible network in low-power environments. VPN channels offer additional security for your IoT project.


Soracom smart cellular connectivity is designed for the needs of IoT development and deployment at scale, with secure, affordable, multicarrier service offered on a pay-as-you-go basis in over 130 countries. The Soracom management console and API are provided at no additional cost and provide complete network management along with access to advanced cloud integration, secure, on-demand device access, and provisioning, and multiple options for private IoT/M2M networking.


Our latest addition to the connectivity partnerships portfolio is Top Connect - one of the worlds’ leading alternative roaming service providers. Vladislav Sobolev, CEO of Top Connect commented: „Top Connect is committed to providing global connectivity and management platforms to IoT segment around the world. Cooperation with Teltonika Networks enables us to provide full service to M2M projects. We are pleased to start cooperation with one of the leading manufacturers of networking devices”.

If you are interested in taking advantage of any of those partnerships, make sure to contact us using the contact form.

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