April 27, 2022

Commerce has gone a long way since the days of haggling over how many cabbages are worth one of your chickens. These days, you can book an entire vacation on the other side of the world within minutes on your phone. Automation is the name of the game in the current landscape of commerce, and the game is well-played.


At Teltonika Networks, we don’t trade with chickens and cabbages. We trade with IoT products that bring your innovative solutions to life and data that helps you access them remotely. Our Remote Management System (RMS) uses RMS credits as a currency for the data you need to use it. You buy credits, and you get data, either for yourself or for your clients. Nice and simple.

Well, except for one thing.

In the bygone days of early 2022, the way to purchase those credits involved you contacting your distributor, them sending you a bill for the credits, you paying for that bill, and them sending you the code with which you actually, finally, get your credits.

Instead of, you know – you just buying the code directly.


To be perfectly honest, this inelegant back-and-forth was needlessly cumbersome and we weren’t happy with it. Automation is the name of the game, so we decided it’s time we improve our play and simplify the process with a shiny new API that will make your life easier.

We are proud to unveil a new era for RMS: RMS API – an automated way to buy RMS credits easily, immediately, and directly from your distributor's webshop. It’s free and simple to implement in your IoT solutions, and you can start using it right now!

If you’re a distributor, your clients will no longer need you to act as an intermediary whenever they need more data. If you’re an RMS user, it gives you the freedom and flexibility to get your data credits the moment you need it, without any busywork.

We are constantly improving, upgrading, and re-evaluating our products, services, and methodology to make them the best they can be and serve you in the best way possible. Let us know how using this new API has made things easier for you and about any other improvements you would like to see!

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