May 25, 2021

When was the last time you used Bluetooth? Probably not that long ago, possibly - even now your keyboard or mouse is connected to a computer via Bluetooth. With the development of smartphones and other smart devices, this technology has become highly widespread and embedded into our everyday lives. We could hardly meet someone who has not used or heard about Bluetooth. 


However, despite the high awareness of consumer Bluetooth applications, there is much less buzz going on about its’ industrial applications. Just recently we held an online webinar about Bluetooth business cases and the interest it attracted went beyond all our expectations. This helped us realize that this topic requires much more attention than it has received so far.

Although a few years back Bluetooth seemed an inferior option to WIFI due to broadcasting range, the situation has changed dramatically. With improved technology, the Bluetooth sensors in Teltonika Networks range work within up to 200 (Coin) to 500 (Puck) meters and they require minimum power consumption. The battery life of Coin sensors is up to 5 years whereas Puck sensors may last up to the whole 20! It is an excellent option in IoT projects with limited AC power supplies making the setup process so much easier and faster. The sensor types we offer range from temperature and inventory tracking to movement detection or staff management. Please click on the below button to check all available options.


Currently, three cellular routers in the Teltonika Networks portfolio come with built-in Bluetooth functionality: RUTX10, RUTX11, and RUTX12. The sensors can be connected directly to the router without any additional hardware devices, which results in a smaller and smoother solution ecosystem. The pairing process is very simple - all that is required is an NFC-enabled device, like a smartphone or a tablet. Bluetooth sensors are powered on by NFC using an App. After a Bluetooth scan is performed, RUTX routers automatically detect the powered sensors and the whole process takes just a couple of seconds. One RUTX router can connect up to 200 Bluetooth sensors or beacons, which makes this technology very efficient, attractive, and scalable. And the best part of implementing Bluetooth in IoT is easy integration with already existing systems. The Bluetooth standard is worldwide, which means the same device will work anywhere on Earth without tailoring it to meet specific market requirements.

So, you may wonder, how Bluetooth may benefit IoT solutions? As there is a variety of different sensors, their use varies from temperature monitoring, movement detection, inventory management, detecting opening or closing, and others. So far, the Bluetooth technology has been successfully implemented in solutions like logistics tracking, cold chain traceability, refrigerator monitoring, indoor people counting and movement, and similar. Let's dive deeper into a few use cases that illustrate the benefits of using Bluetooth in various industries.

In the first usage scenario, we review the challenges of construction sites that frequently become targets of thieves as they present low-risk high-reward opportunities. Besides, the construction business is very dynamic location-wise, so it requires an infrastructure that can be easily moved and quickly set up in a new place. In this solution, we present how Teltonika Networks RUTX12 dual SIM cellular router in combination with ID and SLIM ID sensors can prevent theft and help monitor employees entering or leaving the site at an exact time.

In the next use case, we suggest how the vaccination process could be speeded up by implementing mobile vaccination units and this way increasing vaccine accessibility. As the vaccines are highly sensitive to temperature changes, the BLE sensors are installed in the freezer and connected to the RUTX11 router to minimize any potential threat that could affect the quality of vaccines.


In the last case with our partner ViLOG, the Bluetooth technology helps to solve inventory tracking challenges in storage yards without deploying complex hardware infrastructure or compromising performance. All it requires are just a couple of components that need to be added to an already existing infrastructure, including Teltonika Networks dual SIM RUTX11 cellular router and BLE beacons that are coupled with asset identifiers. Implementing such a solution results in decreased order processing times, higher inventory turnover, theft prevention, and more efficient exploitation of the workforce. This solution is very simple to deploy as it does not require stopping the daily operations to implement new hardware or extended employee training.

These are just a few examples of how implementing Bluetooth can be advantageous in different industries, however, the possibilities are much wider. In all fairness, it needs to be mentioned that Bluetooth sensors and networking devices account only for just a part of the solution.

Another crucial element is an IoT platform. While we are finalizing the Bluetooth functionality in our own Remote Management System, we made sure our products are compatible with highly trusted and well-known third-party IoT platforms. Flespi has been successfully used by our partners not only for telematics but also for indoors tracking, while ViLOG is highly experienced in providing exceptional yard and hub logistics solutions. Check out more information by clicking on the respective links below.

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