May 5, 2022

They say the grass is always greener on the other side.

At Teltonika Networks, we believe that our relationship with our clients is a key factor in our success. Many of our products directly result from hearing your needs and designing solutions that satisfy them the best way possible. It is part of what makes us the company we are, and we value that immensely.


We know our grass is green, but it could always be greener.

Many of you have requested that our devices support AWS IoT Greengrass, the open-source edge runtime and cloud service developed by Amazon Web Services. This hasn’t been a surprise; Greengrass is very popular, with millions of users worldwide incorporating it into their device software.

You’ve requested, and we’ve listened.

We’re happy to announce that our RUTX industrial routers, both cellular and non-cellular, have successfully passed AWS’s testing and now support Greengrass. This is excellent news for all of you who always enjoy added flexibility when designing your IoT solutions. If you’ve already been using Greengrass in your projects, integrating our RUTX devices will be pretty straightforward, and we’re confident you’ll be happy with the results.

In addition to that having Greengrass support, our RUTX devices are now also included in the official AWS Partner Device Catalog.

This is a momentous step for us.

Becoming part of the Catalog is proof of our products’ quality and credibility. It widens the scope of our potential clients by saving them the trouble of doing due diligence and testing to see if our devices are as expertly designed and reliable as we claim they are.

To those people, our products being in the catalog means that, yes, they are as advertised: top-quality connectivity devices designed by and for IoT professionals.

As we welcome those who will soon discover our amazing devices, we also remember what helps our grass stay green: your IoT needs that we keep finding new ways to meet.

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