Teltonika’s RUTM50 5G Router Certified by FirstNet

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May 23, 2024

The RUTM50 5G router by Teltonika has recently been certified for use in FirstNet network solutions, providing reliable 5G connectivity to first responders and emergencies across North America.


Teltonika continues to strengthen its footprint in the North American IoT market, with its products receiving key certifications to enable their deployment in an increasingly wide range of applications.

This time, our 5G router designed specifically for this market, the RUTM50, has recently been approved by AT&T for use in the First Responder Network (FirstNet).

FirstNet is an independent authority of the U.S. National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). It establishes and operates an interoperable public safety broadband network, ensuring connectivity for first responders and emergencies. The RUTM50 will be added to the directories of FirstNet and AT&T this coming summer. 


The RUTM50 cellular router supports both SA and NSA 5G architectures and features stable cellular speeds of up to 3.4 Gbps, two SIM slots with auto-failover, and backward compatibility with 4G LTE Cat18/19.

This 5G router supports a wide range of key VPN services for ensured security and industrial protocols for flexibility, including Modbus, MQTT, OPC UA, and many more.

This sturdy 5G router is also one of the smallest in the market, being exceptionally compact at only 132 x 44.2 x 95.1 mm.


According to Teltonika’s networking Sales Director in the Americas, Mantvydas Vaičius, “This is a monumental step towards Teltonika enabling North America's first responders with the fastest 5G FirstNet communication on the planet. We are happy and proud to bring the RUTM50 to the hands of front-line heroes protecting our health, our safety – our people.”

This news comes nearly a year after the RUT956 4G router was approved for FirstNet use, meaning that Teltonika now provides both 4G and 5G cellular router options to FirstNet network solutions. It also follows the very recent news of the RUT956 receiving the UL/CSA 62368-1 certification, allowing for its use in hazardous industrial environments.

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