November 18, 2021

Now, more than ever, governments and companies are investing in a greener future. The world is mobilizing to lower CO2 emissions and fight pollution. Many technological advancements are based on finding new green technology, be it nuclear fission, solar panels, LED lighting, green city spaces, or electric vehicles.


Electric transportation plays a considerable role in reducing the effects of greenhouse gasses. A single passenger vehicle emits approximately 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year. Now imagine how huge that number gets when we factor in the 1.4 billion vehicles present on Earth. That is why the shift from regular fuel to electricity can make such a huge and lasting impact. A large part of investments into reducing CO2 goes towards developing new and more efficient electric vehicles and improving their supporting infrastructure.

Slowly, we are making change and that change is steadily gaining momentum. According to International Energy Agency, in 2020, consumers spent $120 billion purchasing electric vehicles, which is a 50% increase compared to 2019 statistics. Right now, the world’s roads are populated with 7.2 million electric vehicles such as cars, buses, vans and trucks. Naturally, they need a supporting infrastructure. It was estimated that there are over 7 million EV chargers worldwide. However, about 6.5 million of them are private light-duty home chargers. This creates a disparity between publicly available EV charging stations and vehicles.

As the EV adoption rate accelerates globally, Teltonika Networks is happy to take part in helping with these efforts. We have been approached by Elinta Charge, an EV charging station manufacturer in Lithuania, regarding a connectivity solution for their project.



At the start of 2021, Elinta charge started working on a new improved design of the EV charging station. It took them only a year to present a fully functioning design and start implementing it all across the country. Teltonika Networks is proud to have provided their IoT solution with connectivity component with our RUT240 industrial cellular router. In fact, you might have already encountered the EV charging station yourself if you drive an electric car.

We are happy to present the details and topology of EV charging station solution to you! Our contribution enabled Elinta Charge to have an easily deployable charging station. Thanks to the connectivity provided by RUT240 they can access the EV charging stations, gather data, and even manage them remotely with wireless connectivity.

Read the complete use case about the plug-and-play connectivity for EV charging stations if you want to hear the whole story and learn more about this IoT solution.



Elinta Charge has presented its new smart EV charging station design to the world and we are happy to share more about the inner workings of their creative processes. Teltonika Networks has interviewed the CEO of Elinta Charge, Ignas Mikutis, about the new product and his feedback on collaborating with Teltonika Networks. Be sure to watch the interview yourselves and hear about another great success story that will improve the world of today and tomorrow!

We are delighted to have had the fantastic opportunity to work with Elinta Charge and are looking forward to more cooperation in the future.

And for those interested in a brighter and greener future, you can check out more Teltonika Networks use cases. If you are curious about how IoT solutions work with other infrastructures, proceed to our Smart City use case catalogue. And if you support renewable and clean power, read about Energy and Utility solutions that Teltonika Networks has been a part of!

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