The New M-Series Industrial Routers by Teltonika are Here

May 29, 2024

The continuous evolution of Teltonika’s networking devices and their capabilities reflects our ambition to disrupt the market and establish ourselves as a leading supplier of industrial devices applicable to any IIoT sector. Therefore, it’s no surprise that we’re launching the RUTM08, RUTM09, RUTM10, and RUTM11!


Teltonika stands by its commitment to empower the connectivity within your networking solutions, promising an unrivalled balance of low cost and high efficiency. The winds of change are coming, but they’re coming with something great to offer: four robust and extremely reliable industrial routers dressed in black. And it’s not just a phase, but a sleek lifetime look.

We’re very excited to present you with our new RUTM series of industrial routers, kickstarting with the RUTM08, RUTM09, RUTM10, and RUTM11! This series brings you the prowess of two feature-rich Ethernet routers, the RUTM08 and RUTM10, alongside the versatile cellular routers, RUTM09 and RUTM11.

So, you best believe we’ll have your needs covered.



The wired routers of the RUTM series, the RUTM08 and RUTM10, are specifically designed to maximise stability and reliability in networking solutions. The robust nature of Ethernet connections ensures they’re resilient to environmental factors that might affect connectivity.

A wired Internet connection also provides low latency and high throughput, which are essential for IoT networks handling significant data traffic and transmission between WAN and LAN networks.


Inspired by the RUTX08 and RUTX10 Ethernet routers, RUTM08 and RUTM10 have four Gigabit RJ45 ports, each capable of reaching speeds of up to 1000 Mbps. These routers also support up to 128 tag/port-based VLANs each, enabling greater control over your network’s segmentation, traffic isolation, and overall flexibility.


Alongside reliability comes security. The RUTM08 and RUTM10 industrial routers are perfect for establishing secure wired Internet connections via their support of myriad VPNs, including ZeroTier, Tinc, PPTP, DMVPN, Tailscale, and IPsec VPN.

These VPNs are particularly relevant for those who need remote management and monitoring capabilities or must ensure secure data collection from separate networking devices.

Of course, both industrial routers support multiple M2M communication protocols, like OPC UA, Modbus, MQTT, DNP3, and DLMS, allowing the RUTM08 and RUTM10 to speak fluently for multiple industrial applications.

Wondering about remote access to the RUTM08 and RUTM10? Worry not, as these industrial routers are compatible with our Remote Management system (RMS) IoT platform, which is THE ultimate bridge that provides numerous ways of reaching not only these devices but also third-party devices in your IoT solution.

The speciality of the RUTM10

The RUTM10 wired router includes Wi-Fi mesh networking optionality. With Wi-Fi mesh, you can create something truly beautiful – continuous and seamless wireless Internet access to your end devices anywhere in the premises.

In practice

Just like the RUTX08 and RUTX10, RUTM series routers can be used as robust networking devices in many industries, including enterprise, smart city, industrial automation, energy, and utilities. With RUTM08, you can establish great connectivity support for heavy data applications and remote access to third-party devices, just like the RUTX08 does for logistic centre surveillance cameras.

With the RUTM10 industrial Wi-Fi router, you can equip your networking solutions with robust connectivity support that can be strengthened with technologies like Wi-Fi mesh. Take the example of RUTX10, where this device and Wi-Fi mesh technology provide a foolproof plan to enable the automation of warehouse pallet shuttles.




The RUTM-series 4G LTE routers are an excellent choice for maintaining seamless IoT connectivity in mobile applications or use cases that require flexibility. The latter is extremely relevant when extensive distances or areas with limited access to wired infrastructure influence the decision-making processes.

Moreover, the preference for industrial routers with 4G LTE can be spotted in critical sectors like emergency services or financial transactions, where redundancy of network connectivity needs to be assured at all times. With auto-failover, different WAN interfaces can act as a primary, secondary, or tertiary source of network connectivity, ensuring continuous and smooth operations.



The RUTM09 and RUTM11 devices are inspired by our RUTX09 and RUTX11 devices. Each boasts LTE Cat 6 with two SIM card slots and can reach speeds of up to 300 Mbps thanks to carrier aggregation.

The RUTM09 and RUTM11 routers also have four Gigabit RJ45 ports that support up to 128 tag/port-based VLANs, further providing advanced control for your networking solutions. Importantly, both of these networking devices are RMS-compatible, which means convenient remote management and unlimited configuration capabilities – yay!

The hallmark of the RUTM11

The RUTM11 industrial router has a few more notable features deserving a spotlight. With dual-band Wi-Fi, this device can segregate connected devices based on their bandwidth requirements, offering smoother connections with reduced interference and greater data throughput.


By supporting both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, this 4G LTE router is much appreciated in applications where network congestion that disrupts smooth and continuous data transmission isn’t acceptable.

In addition, the RUTM11 4G router has GNSS technology for GPS tracking, which can be enhanced with the NTRIP protocol! This is the ultimate feature for mobile or remote applications that require tracking and for easy check-ups of the entire solution. 

In practice

As mentioned, the RUTM09 and RUM11 cellular routers excel over wired routers when it comes to mobility and adaptability, especially in industries like smart cities, retail, and transportation.

The RUTM09 can be installed in a myriad of scenarios where robust access to remote or large-scale solutions is needed. Just like the RUTX09 4G LTE router was when it was employed to enable connectivity for intelligent traffic systems.

The RUTM11 industrial router is perfect for mission-critical cases where loads of data must be transmitted instantly. This is similar to use cases where the RUTX11 showcases its features most prominently, such as when it supported flawless IoT connectivity for an autonomous racing car.



Well, this has been a wild ride as we delved into the new possibilities with these four industrial routers. So, whether you have technical inquiries or general questions about our networking devices, we’re always here to help!

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