Rynek detaliczny szybko wdraża technologię łączności, która pomaga firmom oferować nowe sposoby interakcji z klientami i cenniejsze dane do podejmowania strategicznych decyzji. Teltonika Networks oferuje szereg rozwiązań w zakresie łączności IoT, które obsługują szybko zmieniający się sektor detaliczny.

Use cases

  • 4G connectivity for retail

    Nowadays most retail businesses are offering multiple means of payment. Regardless of increasing popularity of mobile payment services, card payments remain a must-have option in a physical retail environment. In addition, businesses around the world invest more and more into automated systems for …

  • Empowering ATM connectivity

    The worldwide anticipation of cashless society might suggest an idea that Automated Teller Machines or ATMs is the thing of the past. However, statistics provided by The World Bank indicate that the number of active ATM machines around the world have grown by more than 126% in the last five years …

  • LTE connectivity in Self-Service Parcel Terminals

    The growing e-commerce market and the increasing pace of everyday living are changing the way we acquire goods. In fact, according to the Commerce Department of the USA, in 2019 online purchases have surpassed in-store purchases of products for the first time in history. Such enormous shift in …