Flat Ethernet Switch for Self-service Kiosks & Terminals


✔ Ethernet switches are vital for ensuring optimal interconnectivity and M2M data transfer in networking solutions installed in tight spaces, such as self-service kiosks and terminals.

✔ The best Ethernet switch for the job is the TSF010 unmanaged switch, equipped with five front-facing RJ45 ports and measuring only 113 x 28 x 50 mm.

✔ In addition, this plug-and-play Ethernet network switch features a 3-pin power input, a voltage range of 7-57 VDC, and integrated DIN rail mounting for easy installation.

The challenge – interconnectivity in tight spaces

When it comes to ensuring optimal interconnectivity and data transfer between different equipment, the choice of Ethernet switch is paramount. Many factors must be taken into consideration, such as the number of ports, whether you need a managed or an unmanaged switch, etc. However, one of those factors is unlike the others: space.

Let’s take self-service kiosks and terminals, for example. These are commonly deployed in public spaces such as airports or shopping malls and are designed to offer users convenience and autonomy in services such as ticketing or payment processing.

A key point of self-service terminals is how space-efficient they are. Internal equipment such as payment terminals, ticket printers, and scanners are fit together in a very tight setup. This leaves limited options for the networking device that enables connectivity in these machines – without which they lose their usefulness to the user. 

The ideal Ethernet switch in this case would need to be not just compact, but flat in design as well. This would make it much easier to slot into such tight setups. In other words, the ideal device is the TSF010 flat Ethernet switch.



The solution – flat switch for deep value

The Teltonika Networks TSF010 flat Ethernet switch is exactly that – flat. With five front-facing RJ45 ports and measuring 113 x 28 x 50 mm, this unmanaged Ethernet network switch is tailor-made for industrial solutions requiring interconnectivity in highly limited spaces.  

The TSF010 easily slots into the thin setup of a self-service terminal, where it is connected to our TRB140 IoT gateway on one end and to the payment terminals, ticket printers, scanners, and other end devices on the other. The 5-port Ethernet switch is connected to all devices via its 10/100 Mbps RJ45 ports, providing sufficient speed for the data traffic needs of such terminals.

The result is an interconnected network of all equipment in the terminal, allowing them to exchange data and communicate with one another effectively. Beyond that – this flat switch ensures the reliability of the network, minimising downtime stemming from network disruptions and saving you money on top of space.

In addition to being flat, compact, and lightweight, the TSF010 has a few additional features that make it perfect for this use case. This 5-port Ethernet switch has a 3-pin power input and a voltage range of 7-57 VDC, making it suitable for industrial applications. On top of that, its integrated DIN rail makes mounting this unmanaged switch simple and quick.

Don’t stress over the complexity of tight interconnectivity – deploy the plug-and-play TSF010 Ethernet switch and the simplicity it provides.

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