According to the statistics, in 2020, global expenditure for out-of-home advertising was estimated to be around 29 billion dollars. Experts project this figure to only increase in the coming years. This projection applies even more as businesses recover after the global pandemic and want to restore their customer base. Companies invest considerable amounts of money to reach the broadest possible audience and leave an impression.

Such massive investments into outdoor advertising must pay off since they have been increasing over the years. However, it can be a hit or miss without gathering intelligence. Advertisement like that lacks concrete data to back up the return-on-investment ratio. So, how can we measure the effectiveness of outdoor advertisements?


To accurately measure how many people pass through an outdoor advertisement, you need a sensor to track the flow of people passing it every day. Such a solution requires internet connectivity, so the sensors can collect data and send it back to a monitoring center in real-time. There the data can be further processed by analytical software and displayed in an easy-to-understand fashion.

Another challenge that such a solution can face is the outdoor conditions. Hardware must withstand both low and high temperatures, especially in geographical zones where climate changes throughout the year. Furthermore, upgrading outdoor advertisements to their smart variant becomes a vast scalability challenge. The whole operation must bring real value and return on investment.


JCDecaux started in France, where they became the pioneers of outdoor advertising. Their networks of outdoor advertising displays are one of the largest in the global media industry. Every day JCDecaux reaches an audience of 840 million people all over the globe. They have expanded their market across over 80 countries and grow continually every year.


JCDecaux Lithuania was looking for a way to know how many people their outdoor advertising campaigns reach. With some help from their partner AllUnite, they arrived at a solution — Wi-Fi routers. When installed within outdoor advertising stands, they can scan the environment for nearby smart devices.

JCDecaux Lithuania found the perfect solution for their connectivity with the Teltonika Networks product — the RUT241 industrial cellular router. It acts as a scanner, detecting mobile devices in a 70-meter radius without breaching people’s privacy. As the name implies, the scanner functionality only sends out a signal to check the number of nearby devices and does not gather any other user information. The collected data is sent back to AllUnite analytical system via a cellular connection. The information is then further extrapolated to determine how active the location is during each hour of every day. The ad campaign’s effectiveness in that area can then be analyzed to learn how many people passed the advertisement and stopped to look at it.

Furthermore, RUT241 has a sturdy aluminum housing designed to provide protection even in unwelcome environments. So, this industrial cellular router can be used in an outdoor IoT solution where it might encounter extreme temperatures and moisture. Thanks to simple device mounting and connection, you can install it in many locations with minimal time investment for setup. The installation process is straightforward and fast, allowing for efficient integration into your project.




  • RUT241 works with RutOS open-source operating system, which allows integration with software like AllUnite analytical system.
  • RUT241 delivers high performance in rigorous environments and can withstand extreme temperatures in outdoor IoT solutions.
  • The router features a small design that fits within the limited space of an outdoor advertisement.
  • RUT241 allows for easy and fast installation, so your solution can get cellular connectivity anywhere when needed.


JCDecaux Lithuania responded positively about their collaboration with Teltonika Networks: “With around six months of operation, we haven’t had any issues so far and Teltonika Networks hardware does just what we expect it to do. It scans the city’s environment and helps us and our partners see how big an audience we reach every hour of every day. This tool lifts all the filters and gives us an accurate understanding of people’s mobility and the effectiveness of outdoor advertising.”

AllUnite were happy about the three-way partnership: “Teltonika Networks has been our reliable partner for quite some time. The success of our platform depends on the hardware we work with and RUT241 has proven to be a reliable W-Fi router that we implemented in partnership with JCDecaux Lithuania across many countries around the globe. It works in a wide range of temperatures, is small in size and is easy to install and monitor via RMS. The well- performing equipment overall that satisfies the needs of our end customers.”

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