Inteligentne Miasto

Inteligentne Miasto

Nasze miasta stają się coraz większe i mądrzejsze z każdym dniem. Podłączone czujniki, infrastruktura, pojazdy i urządzenia sprawiają, że życie ludzi jest wygodniejsze, jednocześnie zwiększając efektywność energetyczną i zmniejszając koszty konserwacji. Wszystko to wymaga bezpiecznych produktów łączności IoT dostarczanych przez Teltonika Networks.

Use cases

  • EV charger management - Circontrol

    As global sales of electric powered vehicles (EV) are expected to climb to 2 million new vehicles in 2019, EV charging infrastructure is becoming more and more crucial in global shift towards more environmentally sustainable future. Circontrol eMobility solutions can be found in 52 countries with …

  • LTE connectivity in Self-Service Parcel Terminals

    The growing e-commerce market and the increasing pace of everyday living are changing the way we acquire goods. In fact, according to the Commerce Department of the USA, in 2019 online purchases have surpassed in-store purchases of products for the first time in history. Such enormous shift in …

  • On-board entertainment and captive portal

    Teltonika and mugiCloud can offer powerful passenger transport IoT solutions with captive portal management, on-demand content sharing and location tracking.

  • Public transport connectivity

    Most bus passengers today enjoy high speed public WiFi, pay for tickets online and track bus arrival times using their smartphone. Moreover, majority of public transportation users cannot imagine their trips without seeing relevant information on bus mounted digital signage screens as well as …