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Questions and Answers // Your local time

During the webinar, You've asked a lot of questions, and some of them were answered at the end of the livestream. And here we would like to share with you all your questions and answers:

Q: What key aspects decides if the router connects to 200 or just up to 20 bluetooth devices? Or is there no difference?

A: There is no difference. If sensors are in range, router can receive data from them, as long as they are registerd/paired with router.

Q: Does it mind that we can read up to 200 sensors at the same time with only one device? Can we configure the device to read up to 200 sensors at the same time?

A: Router works as a receiver/gateway for data. It is not actively connecting and reading data from sensors, but rather filters the stream from all bluetooth devices, registers data from paired devices, and forwards that data to server of yours choice, where parsing would be done.

So in short -yes. you can register 200 sensors in the router, and have data from all of them sent to yours server at same time, as long as they are in range.

Q: Can one sensor connect to different routers when moving around in a bigger area with several routers?

A: As long as sensor acts as a beacon, it can be registered to basically infinite number of devices at the same time, and all of them can receive it at the same time.

Q: Which ble sensors compatible with RUTX11?

A: At the moment we support sensors and beacons, which we offer. If you need to connect different products, please contact your sales manager or fill out the Contact Us form.

Q: How is the position of bluecoin determined in a wharehouse?

A: To track location precisely, you would need multiple routers, and then calculate/triangulate beacon position based on which routers can 'see' them. This basically is very simplified description on how Vilog usecase works.

Q: For example, can we read 4 BLE Blue Puck T sensors + 4 BLE Blue Puck MAG sensors + 4 BLE Blue Puck MOV sensors at the same time?

A: Yes, you can receive data from all types of sensors with same router at the same time.

Q: Good morning, how many BLE sensors could be connected simultaneously?

A: Data can be received from up to 200 sensors simultaneously, with one router.

Q: What is the temperature range in which the sensors can operate?

A: Plue COIN type, have temp. range of -30 to +70 degrees Celsius Plue PUCK type, temp. range is -40 to +85 degrees Celsius.

Q: I understand that the sensors need to be coupled to the router. Is it possible to link two routers without the need to manually connect the sensor to the second router so it could be possible to detect in which building the sensor is?

A: At this moment there is no such option. Closest to that would be either uploading Backup/Configuration file from one router to another which would clone all settings/configurations from one identical (same model and firmware) device to another including the Bluetooth device list. Or copy/upload sensor list using CLI. If you need it, please contact your sales manager and we will consider such functionality.

Q: Does Teltonika have a platform for managing data?

A: If the question is stricly about Bluetooth data, then at this very moment - no, BUT Monitoring/Management update is comming to RMS, that will provide this functionality in the near future.

Q: Does the RUTX11 platform support to actively talk to a sensor, eg, turn on the data logger of a Blue PUCK T EN, pull the logged data? Are there any developer ressources (Wiki/Howtos) available, How to develop such apllications on the RUTX platform?

A: No RUTX11 does not actively talk with sensors, it only collects the data from registered sensors that operates in beacon more.

There is no developer resources of this kind available, for custom features, however we can develop custom features for our clients for custom solutions.

Q: In what way is the sensor attached to the machines/equipment?

A: Sensors are not attached to our devices. In the router you would register device advertising name + MAC address. Sensor it sealf acts as a beacon, and transmits data constantly. Router in this case simply filters through available data stream and checks if the device transmiting is registered, if it is - data is registered, if device is not in the 'paired list' data is ignored.

Q: can the router be used as a bluetooth device scanner?

A: At this moment no, but it can be done with custom development.

Q: Are Teltonika beacons compatible with identifiers as Eddystone Namespace and iBeacon UUID?

A: Yes, the beacons can be configured to use as any of these three frame formats: Eddystone, iBeacon or ELA ID/MOV/T etc.

Q: If I install a temperature sensor inside a refrigerator, will this sensor still be able to communicate with the router?

A: This wery much depends on refrigerator. In general any type of enclosure around sensor will reduce its range, how big that effect is depends on how good that enclosure is at blocking radio frequencies. Some industrial freezers might block connection overall, but most fridges in general will only reduce maximum range.

Q: Does the battery life cycle depend on whether the beacon is sending information to 1 or 100 devices?

A: No, battery life directly depends on transmision frequency and power, because data is not sent to each device separately, but rather transmits it out, and intrested devices take same information, hence the term 'beacon'.

Q: Can you email the use case?

A: Please contact your sales manager for the use case presentation, but most of the use cases demonstrated here can be found on our web

Q: Are there bluetooth antenna with more gain available as an option?

A: We offer only one option for Bluetooth antenna. However you can use third party antennas as an option, but keep in mind that usually higher gain on antenas will come at cost: Here is short video that demonstrates that

Q: Do you need RMS to receive notifications from the BLE sensors, such as the temperature or open/close sensors?

A: No, it was ment to be used with most of third party platforms, and sensor data can be sent to them via HTTP(S) or MQTT protocols using Data to Server feature

Q: Can we configure bluetooth sensor using RUTX devices ?

A: No, Sensors are configured separately, as to access sensor configuration tuo read NFC tag scanner, so smartphone or computer with such device is required