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What key aspects decides if the router connects to 200 or just up to 20 bluetooth devices? Or is there no difference?
Can one sensor connect to different routers when moving around in a bigger area with several routers?
Which ble sensors compatible with RUTX11?
How is the position of bluecoin determined in a wharehouse?
For example, can we read 4 BLE Blue Puck T sensors + 4 BLE Blue Puck MAG sensors + 4 BLE Blue Puck MOV sensors at the same time?
Good morning, how many BLE sensors could be connected simultaneously?
What is the temperature range in which the sensors can operate?
I understand that the sensors need to be coupled to the router. Is it possible to link two routers without the need to manually connect the sensor to the second router so it could be possible to detect in which building the sensor is?
Does Teltonika have a platform for managing data?
In what way is the sensor attached to the machines/equipment?
can the router be used as a bluetooth device scanner?
Are Teltonika beacons compatible with identifiers as Eddystone Namespace and iBeacon UUID?
If I install a temperature sensor inside a refrigerator, will this sensor still be able to communicate with the router?
Does the battery life cycle depend on whether the beacon is sending information to 1 or 100 devices?
Can you email the use case?
Are there bluetooth antenna with more gain available as an option?
Do you need RMS to receive notifications from the BLE sensors, such as the temperature or open/close sensors?
Can we configure bluetooth sensor using RUTX devices ?
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