Automate functions with RMS task manager

In this webinar, we invite you to delve deeper into one of the essential RMS tools - Task Manager. We will review in more depth:

- what RMS Task Manager is;
- how to start using it with Teltonika Networks routers;
- specific areas to look for and
- how to install additional functionalities from Task Manager into your router.

Questions & Answers

After creating a task, can I execute it via an API? Or is there another way to use API to automate tasks?
How can we communicate with 3rd party devices? What is the communication protocol (MQTT or something different)?
Is it possible to configure and execute task groups with API?
Can we contact Teltonika support team for help finding the correct CLI commands?
Is it correct that every router can still have a unique password?
Is there a link where more information about custom Teltonika Networks terminal commands is given?
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