Choose the Right LTE Technology for Your IoT Use Case


Questions & Answers

Will the PowerPoint presentation used in the webinar be available for download?
Latency is crucial for panic buttons. What’s the latency on TRB255?
What is MIMO? Do 2x2 MIMO and 4x4 MIMO really improve connectivity speed?
Is the TRB245 gateway operating worldwide? Do you have a list of countries and corresponding TRB245 model?
When would you have devices with CAT>=1 with a CAT-M1/NB-IoT fallback functionality available? They would be objectively better for non-battery-powered industrial use cases.
Does Teltonika Networks recommend choosing the right LTE Cat technology for a given solution instead of trying to improve its performance with high-gain antennas? What should clients do if optimal connectivity or speed cannot be achieved at a given location?
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