Join us in our next webinar, where we will be introducing our newest product — the TSW200 industrial switch. We will be talking about the key benefits of this latest networking device. Also, we will present a couple of use cases featuring TSW200 unmanaged switch and touch on the key selling points of this newest addition to Teltonika Networks' products portfolio.

Questions & Answers

According to the DATASHEET, there is no power supply shipped with the device. Is that right?
What accessories will be shipped?
What is the PSU adequate that we can suggest to clients?
Is there no 2-pin power connector included (without a power adapter)?
What's the warranty period?
Can we use 24VDC to power up if no PoE is needed?
Do the SFP support both 100M, 1000M and 10G optical transceivers?
What is the device ingress protection rating?
Power supply 220VAC who can deliver 240W coming with the device?
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